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Jul 15

Nike make it better Hoops Clinic: Oregon City

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The Nike make it better Hoops Clinics tipped off with more than 100 campers in Oregon City July 14. Clinic director Todd Bosma, and the exceptional staff of make it better coaches, met the eager and boisterous group of campers in the old Oregon City High School gymnasium for a morning filled with Trail Blazers basketball, laughter and a couple of special guests.  The clinic was off to a great start as Todd had just completed the morning’s warm-ups and begun teaching proper dribbling technique when Bob Medina, Trail Blazers Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Hersey Hawkins, Director of Player Programs, entered the gym. The kids, who had been enjoying Todd’s teaching style and hanging on his every word, quickly became distracted with the two new guests. One thing led to another, and before Todd and the mib coaches could start the next drill, a stampede of would-be autograph seekers descended on Hersey. It didn’t take long for Todd to restore order, but his spell on the kids had been broken. The clinic continued according to the schedule, but Todd quickly adapted the agenda to include Hersey and Bob’s participation.

As an aside, it was cool to be in the old Oregon City gym. For local high school hoops fans, that gymnasium is the closest thing locally we have to Pauley Pavilion (UCLA’s basketball arena) or Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke’s arena), as it was there that the Pioneers developed into (and remain) one of the country’s elite girls high school basketball teams. Though a new school and gym have been built, the old building, especially the gym, is in pristine condition, and it was easy to imagine it filled with rabid Pioneer fans cheering their squad onto a drubbing of a visiting team.

The next Nike mib hoops clinic is July 21 at Lents Park at 10 AM. We can hardly wait to see what happens there.


  1. Where are all the players or at least past stars?

    by mbmurr1 on 7/16/2011 11:34 AM
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