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Trail Blazers Memorabilia Stirs Interest In History

By sarahhecht Posted in: mychalthompson
Look what I found...

As I wandered around the Stars Antique Mall in Sellwood I spotted a glass adorned with the faces of former Portland Trail Blazers Mychal Thompson and Peter Verhoeven. It was an ’83-’84 “Blazers’ Favorite Pizza” glass issued by Sunshine Pizza Exchange.

I bought it, of course. Finding different Trail Blazers memorabilia around town is always a welcome surprise and usually triggers adventurous thoughts like going on a hunt for the coolest/oldest/most interesting items I can find. Most often it’s the Dairy Queen glasses from the early 90s, but there are many permutations.

Finding Trail Blazers treasures also tends to trigger my curiosity. In this case I wondered, was there an entire line of Trail Blazers glasses that I didn’t know about? Off I went to learn as much as I could.

Here are the fruits of my labor:

Sunshine Pizza Exchange is a company based out of Clackamas, Oregon and it’s still there today.

There were multiple Trail Blazers glasses made by the company with the likes of Mychal Thompson, Peter Verhoeven, Jeff Lamp, Darnell Valentine, Kenny Carr and Audie Norris all members of the team in the ’83-’84 season.

Mychal Thompson was a power forward and center for Trail Blazers from 1978-1986. He was taken as the number one pick in the 1978 draft and spent his time on the floor setting records that still stand today. He’s the franchise leader in blocks and defensive rebounds. Jason Quick did a fantastic story on him last year during the 40th Anniversary Celebration and ranked him as the No. 11 Trail Blazer of all time.

- Peter Verhoeven was a forward selected by Portland in the 1981 draft and played for the team from 1981-1984.

I find it incredibly interesting how a random find in an antique store, or anywhere for that matter, can spark so much interest in a single topic. I saw the cup and I had to know everything about it.

Have any of you seen these glasses before? Do you collect them? What else have you found around town? I’m anxious to hear your stories of unexpected encounters with Trail Blazers gear. I’ll share my finds as my adventures continue.


  1. Hi Sarah!!! Great find. I have been collecting Blazers memorabilia since their first year in 1970-71 and still have managed to salvage most of it. From banners, to cups, photos, media guides, the RIP CITY magazines and so on. I LOVE it as it was a huge part of my childhood and it brings back memories whenever I see that stuff. In many cases I will see stuff on ebay that is incorrectly labeled as the wrong years...back then I could tell the season just by looking at the uniform!!! If you want to see samples of some of my collection just head over to my profile page and look through my photos of past stuff. Great post Sarah and I hope more Blazers collectors add to this!

    peace out,

    by daddylogan on 7/7/2011 3:01 PM
  2. Does anyone remember the TEXACO photos they use to hand out at the gas station in 71-72??? Those were some nice shots...full size glossy's!!!

    by daddylogan on 7/7/2011 3:03 PM
  3. I have the complete set of RC Cola glasses from the 76-77 championship season. I was given all 8 of them for my 13th birthday. I broke two of them a few months after I got them. I finally found the replacements about 15 years ago at a baseball card show. I was ecstatic as I now was back to a complete set. I've been curious as to how much the set is worth.

    by shek069 on 7/7/2011 3:08 PM
  4. Sarah, Good find! I actually have the full set of those in perfect condition. Set includes 6 Glasses (2 players on each Glass) and 1 Pitcher (Blazers logo on 1 side and Sunshine Pizza logo on the other). An awesome collection piece and great cast of players on the Glasses.

    I also still have the long glossy player cards that the Portland Police used to hand out to the kids back in the early 80's, and much, much more in my Blazers collection. Good Times and great memories!

    Thanks for sharing!

    by is7up23 on 7/7/2011 3:19 PM
  5. Bonus points Sarah! You got me to come check this out on the site, as nothing else has done since the Day the You-Know-What Happened. ;-) I'll now keep an eye out for both memorabilia and YOU in the course of junqueing adventures.

    by occassia on 7/7/2011 3:26 PM
  6. Miss Sarah:

    I don't have many memorabilia around, I lose half of them or put them away and can't find them. I do have a McDonald's cup of Greg. Five bobble heads that my wife bought for me at the good will store for $2.00 a piece.
    Brandon Roy
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Steve Blake
    Sergio Rodriguez.
    Channing Frye.

    I do have 100's of on-line pictures
    Other then that not much

    by Hg on 7/8/2011 4:33 AM
  7. There is a lot of great memorabilia around mostly in nick-knack shops. "good find though"

    by mbmurr1 on 7/8/2011 8:53 AM
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