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Jul 03

8.8 Reasons Why Keeping Oden is the Best Way to Spend $8.8 Million

By portjd Posted in: Blazers
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1)     The Blazers have invested so much time, effort, and money into Greg Oden for the past four years that it would be illogical to watch him sign and succeed with another team.  Remember Jermaine O’Neal?  We groomed him then sent him off to Indiana to become an All-Star.  Still hurts.

2)    After his first microfracture surgery, Oden proclaimed his knee stronger than before the surgery.  If that can happen again, watch out!  Maybe microfracture surgeries will become the Tommy John’s of basketball.

3)    Who else can be the 6th man on the floor to get a critical basket against a contender?

4)    With the oldest face in basketball, he’ll likely get great position in the paint because opposing defenders will feel bad picking on an old man.

5)    With Camby mentoring him, Oden at 50% could be a nightmare for opponents trying to get into the paint.

6)    If Oden can defend, block shots, rebound, and put back shots, he will be a force.  We don’t need him to develop post moves or an offensive game.  10 rebounds and 3 blocks a game will help our team get out of the first round.  With a developed offense game, we will be dangerous.

7)    Oden is still only 23 years old.  If he can get healthy, he may have a 10 plus year career ahead of him.  The Blazers don’t want to see that happen in another uniform.

8)    Oden has motivation to show Portland they made the right choice in drafting him.  He feels like he has let the city down.  Therefore, when he comes back healthy, that extra incentive will help him excel at a high level.  In other words, he won’t let himself fail.

.8)  80% of a healthy Greg Oden at center for the Portland Trail Blazers is better than 80% of the league’s centers at 100%.

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  1. Another thing is that Camby needs less minutes, and You know Nate will use LMA at center at times, so Greg even at 80% will give us a re-bounder and blocker on the inside.

    It has been reported that Greg is getting good at the making shots from the free throw in. I think LMA could play high post with his ability to make mid-range jumpers and drive inside; Greg could play the low post and get the Alley opp passes from LMA: now, until I know more about Greg's passing skills, I will wait to see if Greg can feed LMA alley opps. The reason I go with Greg and Alley-opps, is the alley opp is effective if you're fronting the low-post. No other center in the NBA can stay behind Greg, they won't be able to double because of LMA's ability to catch and shoot. It would be a deadly force. Can't you just see the effectiveness of it. Although we do need another factor, And that is Felton, Crash, BRoy, or Matthews shooting outside shots.

    Greg would give us the depth in the bench we need for the bigs all by him self, That is saying nothing about the developing of Chris Johnson. getting a younger more producing center with free agency in place of Earl, and bring over Joel Freeland next year for the aging Marcus. then Marcus could drop to 3rd string C and Monitor for the other centers and PFs.

    All in all, I can't see a better deal for 8.8 mil. Oh, did I ever tell you that I am a Greg believer.

    by Hg on 7/4/2011 4:56 AM
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