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Oh What To Do During a Portland Summer

By Kassandra
This being the summer after my freshman year away at college, I'm wondering what this respite from school holds in store.

It was a whirlwind June for my family; a month which saw my oldest brother get married to my now sister-in-law. He's the first of the eight of us to be married. For a little summary, check out my personal blog regarding the wedding: My Brother, Sister-in-Law & the Flower Girl

The following week, with my parents approval, of course, myself and my three younger sisters were allowed to house sit Brian and Carla's San Francisco apartment. That allowed me a chance to show my sisters (ages 17, 14 and 3-1/2) around the area, including a ride across the golden gate bridge for lunch one day, a day trip to the coast and the cute little town of Half Moon Bay, and some other adventures.

My summer really begins on July 3 when my sisters and I make the drive home to Milwaukie. Following some Fourth of July festivities, I'll begin working at my family's business -- up until it's time to go back down to school.

But a girl can't live on just work alone!

I want to take the opportunity this summer to check out some things I haven't experienced around my home town. Sure, there will be times I go out with friends but, even then, it doesn't seem like the same hangouts will do. We're all a year removed from high school, so it might just be time to move on. Certainly not to sound snobbish, but it's time to find new places ... and new adventures.

Even prior to the Timbers' promotion to the MLS, I''ve never attended a game. There seems to be so much fanaticism surrounding Portland's other professional sports team, that it seems only natural to take in a game at Jeld Wen Field. That is, if tickets can be found. Rumor has it that it's an incredible experience with tens of thousands of your closest friends. Though never a real big soccer fan, I am a fan of Portland, and it's just plain natural to see this phenomenon that is the Timbers.

Despite having been to northwest Portland only a few times, it's always been enjoyable. There are so many little restaurants to try out, so many galleries to visit and so many cute stores at which to shop. There likely will be several trips to this interesting and sometimes eclectic part of Portland this summer.

As far as family outings are concerned, there are usually about a half dozen camping trips up and around Mt. Hood, and there will be more days at the beach. Seaside is nice, but there's a spot near Manzanita which has always been a personal favorite.

Of course on those days here in town there will be reacquainting with friends, spending loads of time with family, and checking in on the Blazer Dancer auditions.

I've enjoyed Cristi's blogs over the past season, and have had a chance to get to know Veronica a bit via twitter and blog comments. No offense to the numerous hopefuls, but these are my girls. I have no choice but to pull for them both!

There you have it. It may be summer, but it looks like the plate is already pretty full. And to think, I thought I was busy during the school year.

~ Kassandra

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  1. I'm going to be home July 4th-15th and I am looking for new things to do as well. I am bringing my girlfriend with me (first time in Oregon and to meet my mom) and she wants to see the usual sights but wants us to do something I've never done. I've been to a couple Timbers games before but it's so different now. I might see if I can score some tickets to the Sounders/Timbers game :) Any suggestions other than that?

    by CrazyRusty on 7/2/2011 5:45 AM
  2. My dear Miss Kassandra:

    You couldn't be snobbish if your life depended on it. You are one of a few genuine humble people in this world. Finding new goals and a new adventure is called maturing in my world. So often, me included, we as humans has a tendency to hang on to the things we know and the world we had. That of course, locks you into a time zone and unless you step out of it you will be trapped in the time zone for the rest of your life. You experienced that when you chose to leave the wonderful world of your home to not only pursue a career, but to seek other adventures in life. As you found out, you have a new life and still have the comforts of a wonderful family. Although you will cherish and even cling to the life you had before going to college you are a matured young adult now and realize you can't reverse and go back. Long short, I agree with your decision.

    I didn't use to be a fan of BB; I was always a fan of OR (not particulary Portland) So when we got a BB franchise, I became a sort of fan, but when we won the 1977 championship, I was hooked on the excitement of championship, more so then BB; as the years goes by I become more and more of a BB fan, but more so in the last three years when I learned to post on blogs and ask questions that would normally be embarrassing to admit, that there is so much I don't know. Just think how much my knowledge has improved, since I met you on Barrett's blog, and reading your blog. Therefore, I have become more analytical with new type of adventure, much like you finding new things to do in Portland although you are basically a native. (I was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, but moved to Oregon when I was three--so consider myself a native of Oregon). If they start putting Timber games on TV, I will surely be a fan.

    When making your trips to the coast, it would be great for me, if you could adventure down to Florence on the week-end of August 12th and 13th, as I will be there bowling in a Grandparents tournament, and I would just love to meet you and shake your hand. Now, remember when I wouldn't invite myself to go to Multnomah Falls to meet you because of my shyness, Well this is an attempt to get out of my shell. It would scare the hell out of me if we actually ever got to meet, but boy would it be worth it.

    One last thing before i quit babling, my old computer went on the brink and I lost your e-mail address. If you still have my e-mail would you give me a note so as I can get your e-mail.

    I really enjoyed the last Up and Adam show with Mike B. Many of those comments were just meant for the Chat and not read out loud. That made me a little snobbish LOL

    by Hg on 7/2/2011 7:54 AM
  3. Miss Kassandra this really doesn't have much to do with your new blog, but it is information that I wanted to pass on about my study on PRP.

    "The knee joint has two types of cartilage inside the joint. One of the types of cartilage is called articular cartilage. The articular cartilage forms the smooth layer of the joint that covers the bone ends. A layer of articular cartilage covers the end of the thigh bone, the top of the shin bone, and the back of the kneecap.
    The meniscus is a different type of cartilage that forms a shock-absorber between the bones. The meniscus is not attached to the bone like the articular cartilage, but rather sits between the bone ends to cushion the joint.
    Most often, a "tear" refers to an injury to the meniscus cartilage, not the articular cartilage. Therefore, it is a meniscus tear that occurs when someone is referring to a cartilage tear of the knee."
    Sorry I can't give you a link, but I can't find it.

    by Hg on 7/2/2011 11:15 AM
  4. i was aware of the meniscus. i can only repeat what i said earlier that if it's an option, i'm sure they're looking into it. i don't know exactly how my summer is going to pan out. i can't say i'll be anywhere at any given time. i'm just going to work and enjoy what i can. i'm sending you a quick e-mail now.

    by Kassandra on 7/5/2011 7:24 PM
  5. Miss Kassandra:

    I surely wasn't putting you on the spot. I know your summer plans are crammed. and believe me I know how fast summer month pass and it is time for fall term again. You just do the things you want to do and need to do and If God meant for us to meet at sometime, it will happen. OBTY, you better invite me to your wedding.

    by Hg on 7/5/2011 9:16 PM
  6. Very cool Kass. Hope you find those new things to do. I know how you feel, times about 100! I've missed so many things, as Portland and the surrounding area have changed, but summers have been busy with exam prep and the like.Now, nearing my return to the States for the longterm, I have to prepare for another chapter in my life, but I do hope I'll get a chance to see and experience new things as well, at some point. But you're at a great stage, so you'll have time each summer to add a little something new to your experience I'm sure.

    Like Hg, I'd love to meet you too someday, but as he said, if it's in God's Plan, it'll happen.

    Hey, Hg, you could have come to me for the medical info you know! haha. I tease - but if I can help in any way, let me know big guy! It'll help me learn as well.

    Great post Kass, Thanks so much for sharing - great to see the world through your eyes and even compare it to what we experienced when we old people were at that stage in life/education. We are so proud of you my dear!

    by Anees on 7/5/2011 9:46 PM
  7. Hey Anees, Of course I forgot you were in the medical profession, my bad.

    I have had knee replacement in both knees knees and have gone through what BRoy is going through now. My knee specialist, Dr Knute Buehler, told me that PRP has no scientific proof of working. Of course I asked him as a professional and he gave me his professional answer. He later confessed that PRP, would help in healing soft tissue that had tears or inflamed from the injury and maybe promote healing to the outside edge of the Mencius where there is blood supply, but it could not be used to promote growth of new Mencius.

    I was arguing this point on BE and having comments like he has no ligaments or he had no tenons, he is bone on bone with no cartilage what so ever. So I found the statement above on Google search about Mencius and Cartilage to clear the air of terminology So many times when people including me talks about the Mencius cartilage and the articular cartilage as one, not two different cartilages.

    I had previously blogged about my findings on PRP and Miss Kassandra responded, therefore I was just updating her when I was talking about using PRP as cell stemming and the fact that I often use the wrong terminology in my research.

    The big question is will PRP promote new growth in BRoy's Mencius cartilage? Will it help in keeping the the Articular cartilage smooth to minimize pain? will it help keep swelling down? My big thing is will it give him longevity or actually heal his problem with new growth?

    MISS KASSANDRA: My apology for using your blog to communicate with Anees, but research is part of my summer plans LOL

    by Hg on 7/6/2011 2:43 AM
  8. Hg: i'm not big on lincoln city anyway. i absolutely love manzanita. it's not as much of the tourist trap like seaside (which isn't that far away anyway) and that's the reason i think i love it there so much. it's great to just hang out with a couple friends for a day at the beach or spend some quality time with that special someone (ugh, i sound like hallmark!). anyway, i'm hoping to make it there a couple times this summer. also, i got your e-mail, and it's something which is going to require some thought. i don't know of anyone in oregon about which you asked, but i'll see if i can ponder it and come up with anything.

    Anees: i think i'm pretty adventurous, so i don't think we'll have any problem finding thngs to keep me and my friends occupied. given that i'm only home four a couple months, a lot of the summer is going to be devoted to being spent with those closest to me; my family. i love them dearly. the week following the wedding was fantastic, as all four of us girls got to spend the week in the san francisco area. it was a blast!

    both: it doesn't bother me a bit if you use this blog as an exchange of ideas and information. i just think back to times when some of us may have tested MB's patience on his blog. this is nothing compared to that!

    by Kassandra on 7/6/2011 11:51 AM
  9. Hg: Thanks for the background info. Yeah, I think for those not familiar with the anatomy in the knee or in joints in general can get confused. To be honest though, I'm still not so confident in jumping into the med-related discussions (if I see them, lol, have to actually log on once in awhile!). I'll try to make more of an effort though to jump in there with my 'expert' knowledge :-P But seriously, I am not going into rheumatology for sure!

    Kass: Yes, I'm sure you won't have any trouble in finding things to do. I am totally with you on the family thing - while my immediate family is not even close to as big as yours, my main thing the last few years, having been away from home is spending time with my family - young and old. My maternal grandmother is recovering from a stroke, so I am definitely feeling the family-bond becoming even stronger knowing in part because of that, as well as having been away. My friends back in Prague ask me what I do when I get home and I always tell them, family is #1. Yes, we do the social things as well, but really when it comes down to it, it's those moments with your family, whether you are just hanging out at home or out and about, that really matter in life. I'm glad you girls had a great time in the Bay Area (really enjoy that area myself, when I've been there to visit family that have been studying/working there - see there it is again, family!) and it's clear that you all have and will continue to have a close relationship well into your adult lives - that will be priceless in the future as you face life's challenges - and support each other. That's a gift, I don't have to tell you that - it's sad when we hear about siblings that don't talk to each other anymore. So I wish that the love and affection only grows stronger between all of you in the coming years (Amen!).

    by Anees on 7/6/2011 1:55 PM
  10. Hey Kassandra:

    I am going to Florance which is a ways below Lincoln City and quite a distance from Portland. I like Florance, but only go there because that is where the bowling tournament is at. I think Coos Bay is my favorite beach place. I just walk on the beach when I am not bowling most of the time, well except for my annual contribution to the Local Native Americans out at the Three River Casino. which this year will be a minimal contribution as you can understand. But it is still my annual vacation, so a get away weekend is important.

    Anees, my getting into the medical arguments is mostly all the BRoy haters for getting injured as if it was his fault. They have no idea nor does BRoy how long he has to play. I do know that if this PRP doesn't work eventually the injury will win. hopefully later. Another thing I know is he can baby it and may last longer, but at the same token could step off a curb and ruin his career, he can go full bare and last a long time like CP3 or it could end in one play. There is no way of knowing and we all just have to wait and see. That makes the lock out that much worst.

    by Hg on 7/6/2011 2:57 PM
  11. Anees: my family is really close. it must of been a sight down there for people to see four brunette, brown-eyed sisters of assorted ages walking around! it's the first time the four of us have ever been alone together for any extended amount of time. i love that our parents have that kind of trust in me (and Jessica) to let us do that. i think we made the most of our week. i've already seen the result of becoming friends as adults with my oldest brother. we really didn't do a lot together when he was in high school (didn't have a lot in common and he was very busy). we've become very good friends now, especially since i go to school so near to where he is.

    Hg: we thought about coming up the coast instead of I-5 on the way back from our week, but i felt it might take longer than our patience would allow. i'd like to take a long weekend and just drive down it and check out the southern oregon coast. we did it a couple times when i was a kid and i remember it being a lot of fun. that being said, i bet you can't wait until that vacation comes. have fun!

    by Kassandra on 7/6/2011 8:17 PM
  12. Miss Kassandra:
    I lived in OR all my life and never seen the ocean until I was 45. I then got so fascinated by it that I have made yearly and sometimes twice a year trips to the coast. You are much luckier then me because any route we take it is about a four to five hour trip. I have taken three vacations that I started at Astoria and drove highway 101 all the way to Crescent City California stopping at many places for beach combing. That usually takes about three days as I am a vivid walker and hiker. We are also vivid fans of OR water falls and hiking trails to and from water falls. As I told you before Multnomah Falls is where Vicki and I took our personal marriage vows and were going there every year thereafter to make our yearly re-commitments the first week end in August. The last three years because of the constant crowds at Multnomah Falls we changed it to the week-end we go to the Florence Grandparents bowling tournament, which is also a yearly event, that is either the first or second week-end in August, and do our re-marriage vows at Shallela Falls (sp) on the way to Florence.

    At any rate, I am looking forward to the week-end that is just a little over a month away.

    by Hg on 7/7/2011 5:16 AM
  13. Soccer is no replacement for our Blazers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by mbmurr1 on 7/10/2011 11:38 AM
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