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Jul 01

1. Players make way to much money.
2. Owners make way to much money.
3. Fans pay the price.
4a. There should be a per player salary cap, say up to 10 million a year for 2 players, up to 6.5 million for 4 players, up to 4 million for 5 players and up to 1 million for rookies with signing bonuses set for #'ed draft picks such as 2 million for #1 pick, 1.9 million for #2, 1.75 million for #3, 1.5 million for #4, 1 million for #5-#12 and up to 500k for all other 1st rounders.
4b. A hard cap of 68 million should be imposed on all teams to level the playing field.
4c. Owners should be required to buyout the difference in contract to all players currently under contract and resign them under the new guidelines. Players won't switch teams at the drop of a hat for money because a huge difference in money simply will not be there to demand.
5. Owners should have to donate 20% of all profits to real charities.
6. Players should pay their own medical, dental, life and other insurance due to their excessive salaries.
7. This is a business the owner of the business should make more money then their employees.
8. NFL football should follow suit.
9. What do you as fans think?
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