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Jun 28


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*In no way is this actually real news

Portland, OR:  The Portland Trailblazers’ acting GM Chad Buchanan announced today that injured center Greg Oden’s right knee has been picked up by the D-League’s Idaho Stampede.  In a press conference earlier today, Buchanan had this to say, “We feel as a team that Oden’s Right Knee (ORK) will get more reps in the D-League than with us, and with those additional reps, ORK will make a greater impact on the Blazers in the long run.” No timeline was given as to when ORK will return to Oden’s Right Leg, but the hope is ORK will be back by January, which is when Greg Oden’s whole body is expected to come back. 

Buchanan dismissed any rumors that had to do with the brewing controversy over Oden’s Left Knee. 



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