Jun 22

I Don't Feel A Draft

By blazerdarren77
  With the NBA draft less than 24 hours away, I just feel that whoever the Blazers select will be making a lot of trips to the D league to develop his skills. And if he works out well, he might be a solid contributor off the bench in 2 or 3 years. I say this because playoff teams generally don't get a good draft pick, especially if it's a weak class like this year. That's why I'm not really as hyped about this draft as others seem to be.

  What WILL get my interest is if the team makes a significant trade in the draft that lands them an impact player the way that they did at the trade deadline when they landed Gerald Wallace. But who's out there that will fit in to the Blazer mold? Who do they give up? 
  All I know is I won't be at any draft party; heck I won't even watch the draft at all. I'll just go about my own mundane off-season business, finding out who they select or what trade they make on the team web site or late evening news. For me, that's all I need to know for the time being.
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