Jun 22

Patty Mills Revamps ‘Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon’ As Twitter Game

By sarahhecht Posted in: PattyMills
If you’re one of Patty Mills’ 25,381 Twitter followers then you know all about his foray into the popular game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. You also know he added his own twist by not including the actor—who seems to be connected to at least one person in every movie ever made—but instead just picked two actors of his liking and tried to connect them together through common films.

When Patty reached out for help connecting Wesley Snipes to Channing Tatum, I hopped on my white horse and travelled over to A wonderous website completely dedicated to solving riddles like the one Patty posed. After entering his two actors I tweeted him a link to the answer.

Little did I know I was breaking the rules, big time. When I met up with Patty, Chris Johnson and Josh Unruh (the founder of I was given the business about being a cheater. The conversation that followed was too funny to break into pieces, so here it is in its entirety.

Patty Mills (PM): “Kevin Bacon! (laughs) You cheat!”

Sarah Hecht (SH):
“I didn’t cheat, I just didn’t know if you knew about the website. There’s a whole website for this!”

“I knew about the website. I didn’t know about the game. This guy (Josh) introduced it. You know the Kevin Bacon game? (to Chris Johnson) You pick an actor or an actress, you pick two of ‘em, and you gotta link ‘em together, in like, say someone was in a... you explain it (to Josh.)”

Josh Unruh (JU):
“Will Smith to Cameron Diaz and you gotta say ‘Will Smith was in Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence and Martin Lawrence... and get ‘em to Cameron Diaz that way, right? So Martin Lawrence was in blah, blah, blah, I can’t do it right now.”

Chris Johnson (CJ): “Oh, okay.”

SH: “But it’s limited to seven, you can only do it within seven.”

PM: “That’s not our rule. We don’t have a limit.”

JU: “We limit it to where you can’t use the website.”

(Everyone laughs)

SH: “So, I’m like this giant cheater, huh?”

PM: “Yeah.”

SH: “I hop on, (mimes typing on a keyboard.) Boom! Done! Use the Internet, that’s what it’s for right? No love...”

PM: “I didn’t know about the game, he taught it to me when we were in Hawaii. It was kind of a fun little time-filler going on hikes.”

JU: “Trying to figure out. And everything tied back to either A Few Good Men, Time To Kill.”

“Or Pearl Harbor.”

JU: “Kevin Bacon is in everything. We were trying to do it with NBA, then we started to do it with NBA players so Carmelo to LeBron.”

PM: “Who’s a teammate.”

JU: “That’s not online!”


“Yeah, there’s no cheating in that one...”

An NBA version of the #kevinbacongame?!? YES!! Thank you Patty! Can you connect Carmelo to LeBron like Josh suggested? How about Shaq to Greg Oden? LaMarcus to Dwight Howard?

Also, if there’s one lesson you take from this conversation let it be this: Don’t cheat, Patty doesn’t like it. And he’ll tease you about it relentlessly.


  1. Awesome story! I can only imagine how funny it would have been to hear it in person :)

    by Misfit503 on 6/22/2011 12:34 PM
  2. LOL - at least you were honest about how you found the answer - ;)

    by Dio Freeman on 6/22/2011 1:40 PM
  3. Carmelo to Chauncey, Chauncey to Amare, Amare to Shaq, Shaq to Labron.

    Shaq to Labron, Labron to Juwan Howard, Juwan to Greg.

    Dwight to Richardson, Richardson to Frye, Frye to LaMarcus. BOOOM!

    by coreymjr on 6/22/2011 2:08 PM
  4. Way to go coreymjr!!

    by sarahhecht on 6/22/2011 5:35 PM
  5. Patty Mills is a waste of a Blazer uniform. How many minutes did he play in the playoffs +-0

    by mbmurr1 on 6/23/2011 8:13 AM
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