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Jun 17

Brandon Roy Brings Cheer To Children At Shriners And Doernbecher

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Jaya Joel, who goes by J.J., loves wheelchair basketball. He’s a 7-year-old patient at Shriners Children’s Hospital and on Thursday he was thrilled to meet Portland Trail Blazers’ superstar Brandon Roy to talk hoops.

Accompanied by Blaze the Trail Cat and BlazerDancers Rhea and Michelle, Roy spent his morning sharing joy and laughter with kids like J.J. at Shriners and Doernbecher Children’s Hospitals. In parade-style fashion, the entourage travelled from room to room. Patients and their families were showered with autographed gifts from Roy and hugs and kisses from Blaze.

The smiles surrounding the cavalcade were contagious, spreading to everyone in the rooms and lining the hallways.

“It’s fun because right when I come in they’re all real speechless, nobody’s saying anything and I can tell how excited they are.” Roy said. “I know parents want to see their kids smile and to give them a chance to brighten up their day. And again it’s more than just for the kids, it’s for the brother or the mom and the dad whose really struggling with it.”

As the trip continued to Doernbecher oncology unit, Brandon had the chance to meet 16-year-old Denton. The first thing Brandon noticed about Denton was his height—he’s 6’4 and a point guard. An avid basketball fan and player, Denton was playing 3-on-3 hoops with his friends just last week before he found out he was sick on Sunday. As Roy chatted with Denton and his family and posed for pictures he joked “I’d ask you to stand, but I think you’d be too tall next to me.”

Roy’s bright smile and light laugh were ever present and conversations ranged from basketball, to toy cars, to Jordan shoes and back again. He may have even converted some Lakers fans with his heartfelt visit.

But the visit didn’t just affect the kids. Brandon was moved as well.

“There’s even some times where I just caught myself daydreaming because... seeing babies and I got my daughter whose in a diaper and to know that they’re at home and they’re healthy right now is great for me, but to see these kids going through this, it really puts things in perspective,” Roy said. “I even catch myself getting mad at my kids for little things but nothing compares to these kids being in this situation. Again, I was daydreaming a few times just wishing these kids can have more healthier lives and then also at the same time that mine are doing good.”

As the visit concluded and administrators were thanking Roy and the Trial Blazers crew on behalf of the hospitals and children, all Brandon could do was grin shake he head.

“I would say you’re welcome, but I say thanks for all the support that everybody has given me and I’m just as happy as they are.”

With the offseason in full swing Roy is still focused on giving back and making everyone around him better.

(By: Sarah Hecht)


  1. That is so awesome! I am very thankful that Brandon (and Blaze and girls) were able to do this and spread cheer for those that fight to have something to smile about each and every day. Shriners and Doernbecher's do great things to help the children as well as their families. More of us should take time out of our days to go and read to them or see what other stuff we can do to help. It makes you appreciate every day life.

    by Dio Freeman on 6/17/2011 11:06 AM
  2. this made me cry, in 1977 I was in shriners, I was paralysed. even in the year that the Blazers won the title, a few of the players came in the hospital. this brings back awesome memories Brandon, thank you for the time you took out to see these kids, it meant alot to them and I know that it did to you as well, God bless.

    by gwkobb on 6/17/2011 1:27 PM
  3. Great work as usual Sarah! it's great to see our guys out in the community brightening up other people's days.

    by DHawes22 on 6/17/2011 1:29 PM
  4. Brandon is such a great guy. it's great to see him out visiting little guys like J.J. of course, that's the type of guys we have on this team.

    by Kassandra on 6/18/2011 1:36 PM
  5. it is so great to see brandon do this. it does not surprise me knowing the guys we have on this team. they all seem to be into giving the community wherever they are for the summer. kids need this and it is so sad no kid should have to face horrible illnesses but they do. we are blessed to have shriners and doernbecker hospitals.

    by oregongal47 view (TG) on 6/19/2011 5:39 PM
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