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Jun 13

summer vacation for the players

By oregongal47 view (TG)
The last game was played. players did their exit interviews and summer vacation started for the players immediately afterwards.  Some stayed in Portland and a lot of the players went home.  I have kept in touch with what they have been doing via twitter.  If you are not following the players and the wives on twitter your missing out on some great information and some pretty amusing stuff.  Some of the amusing stuff their interacting with each other. I have learned one thing early on twitter following the players they are a tight bunch of balas.  I even see them twittering saying how they miss each other. I love it. Plus you get pics of where they are...some make you kind of irritated when LaMarcus was posting pics of Cabo when we were in pouring rain...grr lol  

So what have the players been up to?  let me break it down by player based on their twittering...or interviews done by the blazer tv which has been great this summer.  Thank you Casey and Adam and Sportlandia for keeping us up to date and yes of course Courtside...

Patty Mills...I know he was in Southern California for awhile hitting various amusement parks he even did the three goggles. he went down to St marys for graduation and he stayed in and out of portland til yesterday when he left for home(Australia). He has been busy the last two weeks doing more assist australia flooding hitting various malls around pdx and vancouver and going to timbers games and his last one was sat doing his last event on sat and going to the game.  He also went to a beaverton High school on fri(southridge) and a middle school in raleigh hills to hang with the students.  im sure he did some t shirts too.

Wesley Matthews  has been back home after staying in pdx for a couple of weeks after season. He has been busy getting his ankle looked at and healed up. right now foot is in a boot.  He has been home in wisconsin and has been on trailblazers tv a few times hanging.  And also just twittering away his normal banter with fans and players. I love it when they ask us questions.  keep it coming...

Nicolas batum  he went home to france about a week after season ended.  He has posted pics of his paris.  He spent a couple of weeks in spain where Miss Batum is from and came back to france his first day back and did skype on trailblazers tv.  He has posted pics of spain.  he has gone to the french open posted and did play by play on roger federer and rafa.  He is now in Italy at the Euro camp sort of a predraft scouting for world playrs before the nba draft.  He has done various media things and he has interacted with us and the players.

Rudy Fernandez...He went back home to Mallorca about three days after season ended. He has posted pics on twitter of his homeland, what he has been doing.  He has been all over spain doing media things, vacationing in ibiza (where he had that auto accident) and has been doing various things with family and freinds. I thnk he even went over to france.  He has shown pics of places he has gone...he even showed pics of flamenco dancing so you get a pretty good idea of the culture he lives in. he has posted pics of his dog and food he eats.  his sister even a pulled a prank on him taking a pic of him sleeping on a train in europe hmmm I wonder where we have seen that before. poor rudy napping and getting a pic snapped.  i wonder if payback to sis will happen later.  all good humour and fun. right now rudy is in madrid at an abc camp for baskets for education. working with kids you know he is great with them.

Lamarcus Aldridge...not sure all he has done other then going to Cabo and posting pics ty for that rubbing salt in wounds on our sucky weather.  he has gone to the nba finals in dallas a few times and he did the infamous kimmel show with fellow teammate greg oden on the team matting game.  lol it was funny.  i know he has been hanging with his family and his son which is near and dear to him.  he has also been working out too...

Chris Johnson...he is not on twitter but his wife tammy is and she is keeping us up to date. he is staying in pdx this summer. he is working out and is working hard on gaining weight and his wife said it is working.  her food looks good...they are getting to know portland and he has helped patty with fund raising.

Armon johnson   doing his usual gym rat stuff.  he his working on becoming a better player and helping patty wtih the fundraising for australia. he has been in and out of portland.  He has also been tweeting about his workout. i swear he eats and sleeps basketball and working out.  He truly is a gym rat.

Marcus camby...he has been to hawaii, been to spain and posting some on the game.  spending im sure much needed time with his family and interacting with the fans and his balas.  He is not as active on twitter like others and that is ok as he is spending it with his girls and wife which is all good.

so that folks is what you gleen from twitter and media.  Our guys are having a good summer some fun and some work.  but they are being great ambassadors for the nba and portland.  What is not to love about these guys. you wont find a tighter and greater bunch of guys. one thing i know for sure they love us fans.  they do talk to you. i have had several tweeet me back and even ex blazer players have talked to me.  ty guys. see you all soon cant wait for next season!


  1. great to see the guys both getting rest, help for their injuries and thinking about next season. word has it that LaMarcus is repeating his training regiment from last summer, so we know he's hungry and only going to get better. great blog; amazing what we can learn from these guys on twitter!

    by Kassandra on 6/14/2011 8:24 AM
  2. it is and people need to follow them to find out. ty for that info. i know wesley is hungry too so if those are two are into it im sure it will catch fire....i saw a tweet where la said being in dallas and seeing celebrations down there made him want it all the more here...twitter has been fun to see what they are doing and correspond back. they are all open to talking to us fans. so if you want to experience the players join twitter.

    by oregongal47 view (TG) on 6/19/2011 5:20 PM
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