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Jun 11

Assist Australia event at Jeld Wen field

By oregongal47 view (TG)
Patty Mills has been hosting his assist Australia events since Jan ever since his country was hit with massive flooding beyond belief that wiped out the biggest city in Queensland.  He has been working tirelessly to promote what had happened and bring about help to his country while he was here in the us.  I had been wanting to go to one but could never find the time to go or it was not close enough.  This event would be different then the other events held for several reasons.  First off it would be his last appearance before he leaves for Australia.  Second he teamed up with the Portland Timbers ( Portlands other pro team) , third it would happen on Grand floral parade day (great way to see parade and see patty).  Last of all held at the timbers playing ground in their fan shop so that was way cool.  Also the timbers teamed up with the blazers and patty to design this last assist australia shirt so this was the unique thing...it was a very well done shirt.  I plan on getting one soon...

I almost did not go to the event I almost let my own fear of meeting one of my fave players on the blazers.  what is not to love about patty he brings joy, cheerleading and great things to the team in the means of playing well.  and isnt he the one to start the 3 goggles that we all love?!  I am like thinking didnt patty teach us to step out of our comfort zone and do things and enjoy life...take chances?  I thought I need to meet the guy who inspired me...plus I had encouragement from my lady blazers...ty Kass and Jenny! Where would I be without my girls?  I love you lady blazers your the best!

 first off I went to the parade for some of it I had to see my Oregon Ducky football team they were the grand marshals in the Grand Floral parade.  Then after taking pics and seeing the Ducks I walked up to Jeld Wen Field from Nordstroms.As I was walking I got thumbs up and go blazers because I was wearing Pattys jersey as part of a contest by the blazers on twitter.   on the walk to Jeld Wen Field  I  just tried to calm my neves and pray I could find the fan shop. lol  It was funny was I was snapping a photo of Jeld Wen Field patty was running out of this truck I missed it as I was too busy taking the said picture of the field. as  someone hollered his name hey patty that is how I know he was there. lol so then I asked the guy who hollered that is when he told me he had jumped out of range rover to head to his event.  lol  

I get to the event and there was people already in line.  The nice people at fan shop helped and I explained I already had a shirt and did not have money for new shirt but wanted to meet patty.  they said it was cool ...I also had pattys jersey on   while in line katu had their camera guy there shooting vid and i got to meet some great fans.  one man had his young son with him maybe age four. so cute.  and then there were two girls behind me with their daddy all excited to meet patty.  they kept saying man my heart is racing (mine too but I was not going to admit was I was at giddy as they were) and they were taking pics away.  Dad also bought them shirts what a dad.  Then Chris Johnson showed up while I was in line.  I get to the front of line meet patty have him sign my shirt and somehow the conversation came up that I knew Tammy Chris Johnsons wife from twitter.  Patty as he is signing says everyone knows Tammy only in a way patty could.  Then I get out of line and I forget as I am talking to tammy I forgot to get pic as patty was willingly taking pics with all the fans who asked.  I stepped in had my pic taken with Chris.  Chris is a great guy too!  I also joked yea I enjoy your wife posting what your eating for dinner on twitter. I hope we keep both of these young guys they are assettts to our community and the team.  Chris is staying here all summer...so you see him welcome both him and tammy as they learn Portland.  I am glad I went and now I have another thing to put in my scrapbook.  we are so blessed here in portland to have the best players off and on the court.  ty patty for doing your part in the community.  what an ambassador you are...I hope you are back next season rocking the three goggles, waving towels and bugging teammates to join twitter and play some great games.  I know you were thrilled I was wearing your jersey Im proud to wear it your a great guy on and off the court!  may he continue to be who he is...
love you guys!


  1. i told you, there's no reason to be nervous! Patty and Chris are great guys and i'm really glad you had a chance to meet them. i bet it was an amazing day, and i'm sure he got a kick out of you wearing his jersey. i love that there were so many parents there with children. that's something that i love about the guys.

    i miss the rose festival and its events. hopefully i'll be able to get to do some things downtown for the week between school and going back to san francisco to help with my brother's wedding. sounds like an incredible day for you.

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 6/11/2011 4:55 PM
  2. it was fun and they are great guys yes there was tons of kids there...great family thing. the girls behind me were great...felt like a giddy school girl myself. he loved the jersey he commented on it first thing. i jutted it forward and said yep i wore it for parade. i think the main stuff will be done by the time you get here..bummer...i can post pics on twitter if you wanna see what i took. I hope we keep patty...ty for reading my blog!

    by oregongal47 view (TG) on 6/11/2011 7:41 PM
  3. These are great for other countries but we have plenty of death and struggle right in America........ There are hungry children in every city in the United States not to mention floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Give globally but look to home to make a difference.

    by mbmurr1 on 6/13/2011 8:49 AM
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