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Jun 03

Trail Blazers and Rebound help Parkrose Middle School get NBA Fit

By make it better
Trail Blazers Ambassador Dale Schlueter and Blaze paid a special visit to the eighth grade class at Parkrose Middle School. They were there, along with Trail Blazers arena host Todd Bosma, to host the Trail Blazers first ever NBA FIT clinic, sponsored by Rebound Orthopedic and Neurosurgery. NBA FIT is the NBA’s health and wellness program that encourages physical activity and healthy living for children and adults through grassroots programs and events, products and promotional opportunities. The clinic was a series of exercise stations set around the Parkrose gym. It included jump rope, defensive slides, wall passes, speed revolutions, and line sprints. Each participant was encouraged do as many of repetitions at each station as possible in 30 seconds. After the clinic, Blaze and Dale challenged the students to a series of tricycle races. The teachers joined in the fun, too, with a suitcase race, in which the object was to sprint to the other end of the court, put on a suitcase full of Trail Blazers gear, pick up a basketball and run back to the start and make a basket. The first to score won. It was a great afternoon of exercise, competition and fun. Thank you, Parkrose Middle School and teacher Kim Johns for hosting us. We hope to be back next year.


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