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Acting GM Chad Buchanan Discusses Draft With Jay Allen

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Trail Blazers Interim General Manager Chad Buchanan called into 750 The Game to chat with Jay Allen on The Daily Wrap last night.

Topics varied, but needless to say the draft was a HUGE part of the interview. They also chatted about Buchanan’s new role, Greg Oden, Andre Miller and Brandon Roy.

Big ups to Ben over at for transcribing the full interview.

Do you anticipate Oden playing for the Trail Blazers?
Uh, you know, we've had a lot of discussions about Greg. At this point we haven't made any definitive decision on anything with him at this point. That's our vision, how we envision next season, that he will be playing for us.
Brandon Roy
We all recognize -- if you watch Game 3 and Game 4 of our playoff series -- that Brandon Roy has still got some game. We are very conscious of that. People have counted him out but I think we all recognize that Brandon can play at a high level. Whether it's for 82 games or not? I think that's something that Brandon is still trying to figure out with his body and where he's at. I think for our coaches and for Nate trying to figure out best how to utilize him knowing his health moving forward. I think we're both kind of in the feeling now: How is this going to work moving forward?

Brandon Roy has meant the world to this organization, he's helped resurrect our franchise, we're very appreciate of that. We have not had any discussions with Brandon about anything since the season ended. We let our guys decompress and get away from the game. We'll start to re-engage with Brandon here, making sure that he's on course for this summer to do the things he needs to do to be ready for next season.

Read the complete transcript.

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  1. Hey Sarah:

    I thought that was a great interview. he didn't give away any secrets and used discretion on delegate questions.

    by Hg on 6/2/2011 1:41 PM
  2. That is why Jay Allen got this interview... when the want to leak secrets, they go to Canzano...

    by Misfit503 on 6/2/2011 2:46 PM
  3. HA!

    by caseyholdahl on 6/2/2011 3:05 PM
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