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May 15

Late Game Instant Replay !

By soundman58

So  David Stern would like to see late game instant replay ,like the kind of late game instant replay the
NFL has in place ! Now that can be a good and a bad thing for the blazers should it ever be voted in !
It would still be another way  for the refs to play with the calls of the game ! What about a blazer
having his foot on the line when he makes a three point game winning shot ! His foot would be so
close to the line ,that the refs would still have a hard time trying to figure out whether his foot was
on the line or not ! What about being fouled at the rim for a game winning layup or shot to the basket ?
They might be able to more clearly define whether there was a foul or not,by getting a more clearer
view of close up angles of the foul, but then again once a ref makes up his mind It would be awfully
hard to change ! And what about those late game inbound and out of bound calls ,which could greatly
alter if a blazer player were to be given a few more precious seconds to get a chance to make a last
second or two chance to get a  potential game winning shot to win the game ! And what if the late
game instant replay call went against us , would they take away a  precious time out away from us
like the NFL does in there instant replay challenges ,a time out that we might desperately need at
the end of a game to help us to make a possible game winning shot ? I would bet that the owners
or whoever in the league would vote it down , but then  again maybe it would be passed and be put
into effect ! The main thing to wonder about  late game instant replay would be , Yes if the calls
did go our way at the end of the game It could quite possibly win us a few more games ! Which we
could always use, and help win us a division title if that were on the line ,which could also sway
whether we could get homecourt advantage , quite possibly throughout the playoffs, and also help
sway technical fouls, which  could have a great effect on which one of the blazer players would
be allowed to stay in and that player, if allowed to stay could be the player who could be the one
who could block a shot ,steal the ball ,  which could help  set up and lead to that game winning
shot that would win a game for us ! I for one  am for Late Game instant replay, should it ever be
voted in ! Right now there a lot of variables that would have to be worked out for it to work out !
Im sure that the league would make revisons to  way late game instant replay ,and late game instant
replay challenges ! The original version would probably look than the one originally proposed, it
always does !  And they would probably do it on a trial basis just to see if it works or not ,say one
year ! I say lets give this thing a try , if it doesnt work then it doesnt work !


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