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May 14

What Will The Blazers Do Next ?

By soundman58

 What will the blazers do next ,is anyones guess ? I doubt if you can find anything out from the Coaching
Staff or Administration. The NBA would put fines and sanctions on the team, If anything was let out by
the  coaching staff or administration ,and that is a good thing ,it keeps us all guessing ,with great suspense
and intrgue ,as to what player might be drafted for the blazers ,wether we keep the picks ,draft some
picks ,and send them over to europe to play for future use for the blazers ,or wether  we are going
to package the  draft picks for more future draft picks ,or package the draft picks to move up and
take a higher draft pick. Or maybe the draft picks will be packaged  in a trade to bring an inside presence
or banger ,or a veteran journeyman point guard that the team might need ! I for one enjoy checking out
the  NBA Draft Websites to see who the blazers might be projected to take ! But then again a lot of what
read on those websites is a lot of speculation ,which is a lot of fun to read if for nothing else ! It keeps
our fan based interest in the blazers at a very high level , which is great way to spend the summer
building up to the NBA Draft and Free Agency ! If the blazer fans new in advance what moves the blazers
were doing behind closed doors  to help make our team better ! Than it wouldnt be any  fun in  already
knowing ahead of time ! It will kill fan interest in the blazers !  The best way is for the blazers to keep
us in suspense ,and help build up blazer fever that will soon build up to a fervor come draft time ! The
suspense is killling me !  I would think that for next season the way the starting 5 would like right now
would be to start Brandon Roy  at Guard ,  Jared Bayless at point Guard ,Lamarcus Aldrige at Power
Foward , Rudy Fernandez at small foward ,you could always work Martell Webster in as a starting small
foward , once he is completly healed ,and start Greg Oden at Center. That would make for quite a
second unit !


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