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May 16

I am looking forward to seeing Lamarcus putting on another 20 pounds of muscle this off season so he will be unstoppable, constantly dunking on all opposition and if they double team he will just shoot over the top. It will also be nice to see Chris Johnson with 20 pounds of extra muscle next season and the kind of beast he will become from the weak side of the court. If this happens and Greg Oden comes back we do not need Dwight Howard and we can concentrate our efforts on obtaining CP3 to go with a fantastic starting front court of L.A., Gerald and Chris with Greg coming off the bench with Jeff Pendergraf and Kenneth Faried. I think Nicolas Batum will be resigned to a substantially larger, longer contract then traded in a CP3 deal with a few other players. I also think we should try to get Aaron Brooks as a back-up to CP3. I think Wesley Matthew and Brandon Roy should start every other game to keep them both as fresh as possible. With this line-up I feel the Blazers should be in contention for not only several titles but a run at the best single season record in the history of the league. I thinks we could trade Andre Miller for Arron Brooks as Brooks is still a project for Phoenix and Andre could be a solid back-up to Nash for 3+ years, we might be able to get more then just Brooks in this trade possibly a 2nd rounder as well.  
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