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May 11

Holdahl: Chad Buchanan Talks Draft

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Story by Ben Golliver of

Over at, Casey Holdahl went the extra mile to transcribe some comments made by Portland Trail Blazers director of college scouting Chad Buchanan on Blazers Courtside with Brian Wheeler, Mike Rice and Antonio Harvey this week.

"We'll consider all of our options. The point guard position and center positions are areas we need to address at some point for us. We've got two great veterans there in Andre (Miller) and Marcus Camby and some uncertainty with Greg (Oden) moving forward. We've got a couple young guys at the point guard position with Armon (Johnson), Patty (Mills) and Elliot (Williams). The point guard position is a spot we'll take a look at and there's several candidates in this draft that I think will be probably available for us where we're picking. We're going to do our research on those guys like we always do and we'll probably take a pretty hard look at a guy like Nolan Smith."

Buchanan repeated his earlier statement that the Blazers would scale back the number of players that workout for the Blazers here in Portland, saying: "We've brought in anywhere from 55 to 70 players in the past and I think it turns out to be a little more busy work than is probably necessary."

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  1. I say take k. Faried #1 and D. McCamey #2

    by mbmurr1 on 5/12/2011 9:21 AM
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