May 09

A Bittersweet Farewell

By blazerdarren77
  Well Blazer fans, it pains me to say this, but Dallas is legit. They didn't catch lightning in a bottle like some teams that did in playoff years past against the Blazers, only to fizzle in the next round. That said, it sure does bum me out that the Blazers didn't get that shot against the Lakers. Imagine the frenzy Rip City would be experiencing right now had we swept the Lakers.

  But as it stands, we can only sit back and wait to see what kind off season moves will come about for the following season (if there is one). Personally, for me this team needs a superstar. Brandon and LaMarcus are all-stars, but not superstar level. Although, with Gerald Wallace getting a full season with the team, maybe they have what they need for a "Big 3". And who knows? We can only hope Oden can be healthy and help LA on the interior. However, we also need a consistent outside shooter; a Ray Allen-like guy. Again, this pains me to say this, but Wes, Rudy, and Nico are way too inconsistent. They are NOT legitimate 3 point shooters. I don't know who to give up, but a move has to be made to get someone with a deep threat.

  My family vacation could not have come at a better time. After being eliminated, from the playoffs, I was really bummed, like all Blazer fans. As I said in previous blog, that reality hits me hard. It takes a while for me to snap out of the funk and get on with every day life all upbeat. So when we got to Disneyland, the first step toward feeling better was seeing a Blazer fan with a Brandon jersey. A couple of days later, I saw a guy wearing a Gerald Wallace tee and we exchanged a 'Go Blazers' greeting. Later that evening, we ran into each other again and exchanged a 'Rip City' goodbye. The next day, my oldest son, Casey had on his Blazer tee from the red out game against Orlando and was met with some 'Go Blazers' love. By that time I was enjoying myself (the whole trip was great, but it was then that I felt the disappointment of no more Blazer ball had gone away). Here's a few photos of our trip.

  In closing, I'd like to say it was great to chat with all of you during the games. I look forward to doing the same again next season (again, if there is one). Maybe I'll be able to meet some of you in person. I did meet Justin and Casey at the Miami game and maybe I'll meet more Blazer personnel like Sarah, Dustin, and Dan. Whatever happens, we'll see. I don't know if you'll hear from me until next season, unless something major happens in the off-season that is blogworthy. Have a great summer, and I'll talk to all later. Until then, RIP CITY and GO BLAZERS!!!
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