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May 01

wrap of the season darn

By oregongal47 view (TG)
I have been thinking about how I wanted to end this seasons blog (this came sooner then I wanted sigh) and I will try to summarize it as best as I can...here goes...

I have had the best time as Trailblazer fan even though it was a disappointing end to what I had high hopes for...Why did I have a  good time?  let me start at the beginning of season and then try to summarize it all as best as I can.

when the Blazers started their pre season I noticed that they posted a link to their own chat and I thought why not this will be fun. I had done something similar with the Oregonian but it was not as fun and it was not as moderated. I decided to check out the chat to see what it was all about.  First off I discovered it was moderated by several tb employees ripcity sarah, dustin hawes, shalamar clark,grant lucas, casey hoholdahl,dan harbison and justin the interen who did the video end of things.  These moderaters made me feel welcom and were very nice to us fans and as I got to know them I liked their knowledge, their wit and their welcoming to all fans.  It was great to see that....then there were the fans. As time wore  on I realized these were fans who were very knowledgeable and knew a lot more about basketball then I did in a lot of ways and in that regard it made me a better fan and it helped me dig more deeper into things.  Soon I found myself forming friendship with the other female fans who I dubbed lady blazers.  
us in chat we stuck thru thick and thin at start of season jp getting hurt, disappointment of oden finding out about roy but we cheered this team on anyhow and we had fun doing this.,...
It was about mid december when one of the fellow chatters invited me to go to a game with her as she had gotten a pair of tickets for her bday. what was cool as we had never met in person before and I had the prvivilege of going with Madam o to her first nba game ever.  We hit it off and before we knew it we started going to games together...we were hooked.  We even both had the fun thing of being the first to share together going to a nba playoff game ever and we even went to the viewing party at the rg during the first game of the playoffs....that was fun.  

The other experiences I had that made it fun was going to a laker game and experiencing lakers fans and getting picked as the lucky fan.  I was so shocked I had no idea what was going on...I won a bag of blazer goodies and in that bag was tix to the lower bowl to see the spurs game.  you know who I took yep you guessed it madam o who else? lol  Previously that night I had gone to a tweetup before the game and got to meet brian grant and try to win other goodies by tweeting answers to questions...no i did not win anything and commented on such as leaving not knowing that later that night I would win something even better.  As I type this I am wearing the hat that was in that bag.  

The first playoff game was a great experience I had never seen the rg so wild and so into that night...to say it was loud was an understatement. they handed out noisemakers that were like little drums that you shake in the air.  they are very noisy. I had one previously since I had bought into a ticket deal that gave out that noisemaker.  The other thing that made that playoff game thrilling was being in the elevator with rich cho our general manager he was very nice and very much into it as well as the fans. you could tell he was a fan too!
The last game of the season at home is fan night and I had the privilege of going to that game as well.  What is special about that night?  The players give out various things that belong that player and a fan gets that item they give out jerseys balls etc.  what was cool that night was meeting big jeff and getting my pic taken with him for a fan memento and being outside shoneleys place mr bill shonely was there and I got him to sign my poster that we got for fan night.  I am planning on having that framed as that is one of my most cherished blazer memrobalia I will own.  I enjoyed fan night and was looking forward to the playoffs.  

My experience in the lower bowl made it very memorable as I had never had the chance to sit that low before and It was a fun experience I will never ever forget.  To see the players up close and experience the difference between 300 level and 100 was quite interesting. I am glad I had that experience...It was fun. I blogged about it so I wont go into further details.  It was also the night I got to see nico make that miracle shot over san antonio with seconds left.  to see that up close and expderience it was truly fabulous.

another great experience was the internet interactive shows. one in particular I wont forget was the internal media day that casey aired for us.  It was great to see the players interact with them and have them have fun with casey and us fans.  It was fabulous and ty casey for breaking the rules.

here is to a better and more memorable season next yr. lets hope there is no lockout...
love you guys


  1. :) See how easy memories are to write about when they are good ones. Fan experiences are so much fun, we get so close to the players we literally see them as family. In Charlotte they have a similar "fan appreciation night". A couple years back, I was lucky enough to get the game jersey, a picture and man hug with the Bobcats Matt Carroll (they actually sent me a framed photo a month later, and it sits in our Bobcats room~the walls are orange, with various posters, pictures, etc.)

    And I can't disagree at all on the Live Chat. It brings a lot of the truly sincere fans to a common meeting place. This past season I took 2 people I had met on 'fan sites' or twitter (CardboardGerald) to a game without ever meeting them. And having tickets to all the games, if I'm not able to go, and one of the chatters seems passionate about the team, I'll just email them my tickets. After all, it's about cheering on the home team.

    Thanks for sharing TG
    :) Mike/BlockParty/Teamship (geez I have a lot of names)

    by BlockParty aka Teamship on 5/1/2011 6:06 PM
  2. ty mike i could write more but those were the highlights for me...and good mems that will carry me to next season...both teams will do better heck im not feeling bad san antonio got ousted out of first round and they were number one seed in west oops...here is to hoping there is not a lockout

    by oregongal47 view (TG) on 5/1/2011 6:31 PM
  3. nice work, TG, glad to read your reflection on the season (about to post mine). you had a great priviledge to experience the blazers games several times over the season, which is a wonderful thing.

    this season has been an incredible one, i was really hoping that we could go further, but this group of guys are extremely special. there is a great connection between the players and the fans. that's what i carry with me from the season.

    ~ Kassandra

    by Kassandra on 5/1/2011 7:52 PM
  4. you are so right on all counts oh yea i left out twitter the highlight of following the players and seeing which one patty would get next on twitter and their sharing of photos on road trips and team activities....they are a special group of young men that we got to know better thanks to twitter and we appreciated them letting us into their world...next year will be better ty kass for reading...i will read yours soon.

    by oregongal47 view (TG) on 5/1/2011 8:03 PM
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