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Apr 28

For love or Money?

By mbmurr1
Modern athletes still enjoy the games they play but because of the huge salaries they receive for their sport, fun becomes job and enjoyment becomes satisfaction of a "job" well done. I still see the fun side of pro sports during the draft and in ever fleeting moments, growing more frequent with the coming of retirement after a career of hard work. It would be nice to see salaries come down to a  reasonable amount comparable to a college graduate. Like any business the owner gets the lions share and everyone else is caught in the trickle down effect. I don't know where athletes became entitled to such huge amounts of cash, If a company makes 100 million a year the employees of that company do not receive 50% of the revenue, but in sports they do which makes no sense at all. Life is life and I don't see that athletes deserve extra for playing for a living. A top worker in any industry put in just as much time as an athlete but they are gifted mentally not as much physically. I guess this is kind of a rant but I hate to see athletes complaining about not getting enough of the profits as is the case right now in football, but is the same with all athletes.   
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