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Apr 26


By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers, Mavericks
We must out rebound the Mavericks if we want to win. We are boxing out but the ball is coming about 10 feet off the rim and our box outs are at 5 feet so our guards cannot leak out they must stay back and help rebound when we get back to Dallas. The next game in Portland we need to run the ball and make shots, we also need to control the clock by pushing the pace. When we get back to Dallas we cannot worry about fouling but if we do foul it needs to be worth it, hack somebody hard no ticky-tack fouls and don't let them get the shot off if you do foul. Go straight at Tyson and get him in foul trouble early. Play Dirk low with your hands face up and don't let him dribble or get the ball down low in the paint, foul him hard and make him earn it from the line. ROLL ON BLAZERS !!!!!!
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  1. We are of similar mindsets, my fellow Blazermaniac. :)

    Check out my latest blog entry as well to see my take on rebounding.


    by Patch on 4/26/2011 9:24 AM
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