Apr 25

Game 5 Takes

By blazerdarren77
  Grrr! This so disappointing. Why can't these guys win a road playoff game? For one thing, your playing 5 on 8 because the Stern puppets, errrr! the officials are calling it one sided. That said, here are my thoughts on game 5;

  Miller was the only one who showed up tonight, 18 points, 7 assists. Everyone else? Mediocre at best. Just plain awful! 

  Get Chandler off the boards! 13 offensive rebounds from one player is just UNACCEPTABLE! Get that scrub in foul trouble like he has been in the other games (or put your foot in the area where you think he'll land hoping he'll tweak his ankle or knee) just quit allowing him to crash the boards.

  Whoever is on Dirk, did you not get my memo to foul him hard early? As he goes up for a shot, get your hand to karate chop him on his shooting hands. He will feel that for the rest of the game and will soften up and not be as aggressive to draw anymore fouls.

That's how I saw the game. I believe that they will get game 6, but game 7 - based on how this team has done on the road, not only in this series, but the whole season- will be the Blazers last game of the year. I guarantee it!

***To the moderators; if you would like to show any of the players (and I'm talking about the ones who actually play) feel free to do so. If that's what they need for motivation to get past the 1st round, I'm all for it. I would like it if they prove me wrong.


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