Apr 25

Hot Blogs: Monday, April 25th

By sarahhecht

The hype from Game 4 isn't distracting the Trail Blazers. Casey Holdahl caught up with Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge to talk about turning the page in Done. Done. On To The Next One.

LaMarcus Aldridge grew up in Dallas. Bruce Ely of The Oregonian made an incredible video about LAs high school days. The pictures in LaMarcus Aldridge: Before The Trail Blazers, There Was Seagoville are phenomenal.

An objective perspective on the Trail Blazers epic comeback is hard to find in Rip City. Sekou Smith of the Hangtime Blog brings a level view in Another Mavs Playoff Meltdown.


  1. Just watched a testimonial opinion video from the Miami Herald's Israel Gutierrez on ESPN (offering the link here but you can edit it if it's not allowed for one reason or another )

    He makes the case that Brandon Roy - like Jason Kidd - should let the emotions out and embrace this change in his role since they share the physiological problems with their knees. "[Kidd's] knees could have ended his career years ago. Instead, he's 38 and still a handful... Yesterday proved that this 26 year-old is still an inspirational talent."

    Sounds like an argument to add Roy into the Starting 5, but without saying so outright.

    Your thoughts?

    by Patch on 4/25/2011 4:10 PM
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