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Apr 25


By dljensen
OK Fans!! I want to hear you tonight as we play in Dallas.  We have turned the momentum to OUR SIDE and we can get this one and take the series on Thursday!!  I am sooooooo excited!!!  LET'S GO BLAZERS!!  I wish I had the money to fly to Dallas and cheer them on from there but I am going to be soooo loud they will be able to hear me, I am sure of that!!! 
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  1. I predict a very aggressive, physical game tonight from both sides.

    But I agree that the momentum is on Portland's side despite playing in Dallas this evening. Hope there's some red/silver/black in the American Airlines Center tonight to cheer them on! I know I'll be glued to the chat tonight to offer my support.


    by Patch on 4/25/2011 4:19 PM
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