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Apr 24

The offensive freak show that is the NBA

By David Harrison
So far after a couple weeks of watching the 2011 playoffs i still have the same feeling i have had for the last few years about the NBA. Everything about the league has turned into a 8-10 superstar league that can pretty much score at any time and get a whistle with the slightest flop or odd movement of the body. The art of defense is long gone. The best defense is when a player misses a shot and a team gets a offenseive rebound. When you watch games through any teams market and even national tv they always stress offensive rebounding and or get out on the fast break for easy buckets. It frustrates me to watch any more. Certain Small market teams seem to always fall victim to these unwritten curcumstances. Game 1 vs Dallas was one that was at times obvious. Fouls were called with little to no contact and that took the chance of the Blazers maybe stealing the first game of that series. I was one of the people who were picking the Blazers in 5. I really believe they could have. I still feel like the series with the Lakers in 2000 was fixed. Never the less the league has become a offensive freak show and the once great defensive players and teams are now just stand in actors in the big time cinema that is the NBA. Watch any game, any time and i guarentee you will see the players traveling 90 pct. of the time. Players are always getting away with using the off arm when driving to the whole or fading away. Am i just babbling?? Does any one else feel like this?? Games always come down to a star with the ball and the defensive player scared to play defense so he is not known as the idiot who cost his team the game.

Now that i have wrote all this i must also add that there have become more and more FLOPPING occuring in the game as well and i think that is because players can no longer guard on the ball or challenge a player who is out of control on there way to the hoop in this "DON'T TOUCH ME" league. Ok, i am now done venting and please let me know what you all think.
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  1. you know when J.J. Barea starts flopping that it's getting bad. i am as big a conspiracy theorist as there is when i it comes to the nba. there are so many indications that large markets and superstar players are considered to draw more money, therefore they tend to be highlighted. it's very unfortunate, but that seems to be the way it goes.

    by Kassandra on 4/24/2011 8:55 PM
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