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Roy Should Be At Most a 6th Man.

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Respectfully, I disagree with those that proclaim Brandon Roy should return to the starting line-up. Allow me a moment to explain.

When you're on a good roll it's common to overlook some of the real problems that require amazing solutions. What Brandon did in these last two games was astounding, granted. As I had written in the Sportlandia chat last night Brandon was most likely a part of a "triangle" offense (a la the 2000-ish Lakers and 90's Bulls) with LMA and Camby as the other points. That was before the two surgeries and expectation to be the star and work the entire game.

This is the Playoffs and messing with the line-up sans injuries is just not something coaches do.

What BRoy has done is renewed his ability to be Mr. Fourth Quarter. The advantage of his play now comes from a bench role that continues to astound fans and frustrate opponents.

What is critical, after four games in this series, is addressing the team's needs for, 1) correcting the poor bench production from the guys not named Brandon, and 2) discovering a more consistent focus on rebounds and shot selection from the current starting line-up.

Starting Roy doesn't change the Dallas home court advantage, instantly improve the defensive needs or create a team that plays hot for 48 minutes. Simply put: Starting Roy provides an emotional boost to a fan base that's already running red hot after Game 4.

Starting Roy doesn't stop Shawn Marion or Jason Kidd or Barea, Chandler and Haywood. Despite the amazing comeback yesterday, Jason Terry still got a good look at the rim during the last second of Game 4... and almost won it for the Mavs.

Roy was the only one down there to apply pressure on Terry, and that was AFTER he missed a jump shot at the other end of the court.

This cannot be a topic that gets a lot of attention because ultimately it's about rewarding Brandon Roy for a magnificent performance that should never have been required had the entire team been shooting better, playing stronger and reacting to Dallas's interchangeable ice-cold defense and red-hot offensive pushes for three quarters.

So let's drop the talk about what chair Brandon should sit in, like he was challenging for rank in a high school band. Getting the Blazer's Front Five to attack the paint, set the shots, crash the boards and play all of Game 5 as though it was the fourth quarter of Game 4 are the matters of importance to discuss.

Putting these components together, coupled with a good dose of fear that gets into Dallas every time BRoy steps off the bench, could very well tip the scale toward the Blazers tomorrow evening in American Airlines Arena.

Then we can talk about Game 6 and what adjustments can be made from the bench. In which case I'm pretty sure Brandon Roy will have some poignant thoughts to offer.
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  1. I only disagree on one part, I think Roy needs to remain the 7th man. Even on the road, the 6th man remains the fans of the UpRise movement.

    Having said that, Roy should definitely be the first player off the bench (sans injury or fouls to Camby, but even then, they can just go small). Another thing that needs to be watched carefully is any residual impacts these extended minutes have on Roy's knees (hopefully none).

    by BlockParty aka Teamship on 4/24/2011 5:01 PM
  2. I can appreciate the 7th man stance.

    Even after yesterday's Q4 show, Roy's not jumping like he was last season and the medical updates that we've all read in the Oregonian and other publications suggest he won't be able to sustain a long-term role where jump shots are the standard.

    7th may be best for Roy, but 6th would scare the bejeepers out of Dallas and others.

    by Patch on 4/24/2011 5:11 PM
  3. While I agree with you I see that he makes too much money to be a 6th man and unless we can reduce his salary I think it will be difficult to keep him and he will have to be released or traded. Perhaps under the injury clause that bloggers have been talking about, I don't know for sure but it will be a big topic in the off season...... Nice article by the way.

    by mbmurr1 on 4/25/2011 9:11 AM
  4. Thank you for the feedback and compliment, my friend.

    I'm sure you're correct that BRoy's position will be a much ballyhooed discussion in the off-season. The question will add is this: When will that off-season begin? :)

    I'm rooting for some time in May 2011. :D GO RIP CITY!

    by Patch on 4/26/2011 6:00 PM
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