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Apr 24

Rose Garden fever!

By Puggaloverjack2 Posted in: Blazers, WesleyMatthews
I was a really lucky person to be able to be at the game yesterday when the Blazers were down by 20 I was like ''this game is over but then Brandon came in and did what he does best!  As Brandon slowly mounted a comeback I'm like okay he's gotten us close but were still going to lose-but then it was like magic we kept hitting shots and they kept missing shots and possibly my favorite play was when Brandon Roy got in the face of Jason Terry and messed up his shot to win the game for the Blazers!  


  1. Glad you got to be at the game. What a wonderful experience to enjoy one of the RG's most historic games.

    Hope to see you at Game 6 on Thursday!

    by Patch on 4/24/2011 12:59 PM
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