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Apr 23

the way to do it in sports...

By thebryster
After they got behind again in the third quarter I put the sound on mute and cracked open a book.  I was thinking once again what the blazers need is an a type personality in there either as a player or a coach and until they had one they weren't going to the top or even close.
  I was a little disappointed after the last game of the season losing to golden state and in fact not even trying.  The 6th seed was nailed down and no reason to get anyone injured.  Golden state is a fast team and perhaps a little under rated.  If you think LaMarcus got dissed not making the all star game even more so for Monta Ellis. 
  However the blazers with a healthy Camby and LaMarcus and Wallace and Matthews have got a fair amount of muscle and need to learn to know when to use it.  I was a baseball and basketball player and so as a cross trainer i realized i could usually out muscle and out psyche basketball only players.  The lakers have a very aggressive team although except for Ron Artest who is more attitude than muscle it is mainly psyche that teams and refs let them get away with.
  I played one year of school basketball in 9th grade.  I had a 40 point game that we won.  I was the power forward and the guy playing me got tough with me and i took it personally.  I probably missed 1 or 2 shots the whole game and got twice the rebounds and steals i normally got.  I got mad and took it out on the basket.
  What Brandon Roy did today, put his ailing team on his shoulders and willed them to win in the 4th quarter.  Dallas came out to play and the blazers?  Where were they?  Then they showed up in the end of the half and all looked well.  Until the start of the 2nd half.
  Fortunately for us Brandon has his tank full and used it.  Great game for the guy.  Smart, strong player and he came through when we needed it most.
  Hopefully they will learn from this.  What I don't know.  Maybe that this is the playoffs and every game counts until you are out of it.  Then you will have months off to go to a beach somewhere with your family.  The starters all make more than the president of the united states.  Fans just want to see you give it your all for 48 minutes a game.  That's all.  Happy Easter and God Bless everyone!
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