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Apr 21

My Game 3 mini-celebration

By Anees Posted in: Blazers, fans, Mavericks, NicolasBatum, prague, sportlandia

         So, how does a final year medical student, half-a-world away from the Rose Garden and his fellow Blazer fans celebrate a big playoff victory you ask? Did I mention I didn't watch the game? 

What I told my self last night was that if the Blazers were to win Game 3, I would wear my newly purchased Nicolas Batum jersey (it's a black one, as you can see from the picture above, though I think I would have preferred a white one, as it's full summer weather here, 70F). 

I arose this morning thinking, ok, I have to go see if my Blazers took care of business while I slumbered - I opened my laptop and quickly clicked over to and there it was  - 

Blazers 97 Dallas 92


       I quickly showered and as I had left it on the couch before heading to bed, I threw on that beautiful black #88 jersey! I ate breakfast, while sitting at my laptop, while seeing the many tweets from all of you flooding my feed and unfortunately, I was watching the live press conference and Dirk was on the podium - not something I wanted to see when first getting up, that is for sure! Yuck! I then watched the first few minutes of the post-game edition of Sportlandia, so that was a big improvement over Dirk.
        I had to be at my hospital / school campus around 9 am, so it had only a been a short time since the game had ended, as I am 9 hours ahead of you guys back home. I wish I could have shown off my jersey and Blazer pride to more of my classmates, but these days, as our final months of medical school tick away, we are mostly on our own, in smaller groups, so I had to settle with sharing it with just one classmate for now. 
A picture of Prague Castle that I took (just to spice up the post a bit!)
       I take the tram to get to my school from my apartment, which is in the city center, so as I made my way to school and subsequently made my way through campus (later on the way home), I did cause some heads to turn - I'd like to think it was because of choice of wardrobe this day; usually the jerseys you see here are those of football (soccer) stars, as that is the passion in this part of the world, as I'm sure you know.  I will surely wear my jersey again on Tuesday, after the holiday weekend, I think regardless of what happens on Saturday, but it wouldn't hurt to be once again, celebrating a big Blazer playoff win! 

-Reporting from Prague, Czech Republic, your fellow Blazermaniac,
For those of you who had me on Twitter earlier this year, I have a new account: @aneebaba81
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  1. Love it anees! Way to show your support!

    Have you men any other Blazers fans over there? If so you should set up a viewing party!

    by sarahhecht on 4/22/2011 8:38 AM
  2. Thanks Sarah!

    There is another Portlander (family friend actually) who is also studying medicine here (but at one of the other 2 med schools here) for the last 3 years, but we have different schedules, so don't get a chance to meet up. There are some nice sports bars in the Old Town, but again, its the time difference that makes it difficult.

    Anyways, from next season, I'll be back in Portland and long-term, somewhere in the US, so hope to meet some Blazer fans in the near future wherever I end up for training/residency.

    by Anees on 4/22/2011 8:42 AM
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