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Apr 21

The Secret Sauce: Chris Johnson

By begonza
I can't but write this down. Chris Johnson is simply doing a good job in the 4th quarter. The game is still going on as of the moment, I still don't know how this is going to go down, but the thing I'm so jumping about is the secret sauce of the Blazers. 

---> Blocked the ball high.
---> Defending the paint really well.

Simply awesome!
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  1. Where is Camby? Get him in now! Can't wait till 1:00 now.

    by begonza on 4/21/2011 8:41 PM
  2. Chandler! you go now.

    by begonza on 4/21/2011 8:43 PM
  3. Let's close this now! right here.

    by begonza on 4/21/2011 8:55 PM
  4. Should we bring Chris Johnson in? Bigs should close, maybe...

    by begonza on 4/21/2011 9:01 PM
  5. Slam the door now...

    by begonza on 4/21/2011 9:07 PM
  6. That was the dagger, Miller free throw shot.

    by begonza on 4/21/2011 9:10 PM
  7. Yeah! This is our GAME!


    by begonza on 4/21/2011 9:12 PM
  8. Chris has no offense yet but he has game in his defense and rebounding. With a summer of practice with Lamarcus and 20 lbs. of muscle, Chris could be a fabulous starting center for Portland.

    by mbmurr1 on 4/22/2011 8:00 AM
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