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Apr 20


By NickinPdx
So Portland Fans we have gone thru this before, injuries to players. Brandon Roy is some how or some way not 100%. I think we can all agree on that. Wait lets stop right here, first of all I love Broy and what he has done for the franchise as a whole that last 5yrs. I personally have forgot what he brings to the game when he was making All-Star teams. I had to go back and watch some video of the old Broy that was crossing people over and making them look stupid on the court, like they never played defense before. Watching these videos made my stomach drop, I had forgot what he did. He was and is an amazing player that a couple years ago was considered in the top 10 of active players. Now stop and think of that, top 10 of all NBA players and he is on are team the Blazers. A small market team with a franchise guard that could play on both ends of the floor and was breath taking when he crossed people over. I had forgot, maybe you have too.
      The Blazers are in the middle of a tough series that they find there self down 0-2 in. Right now is not the time to re-examine the play of Roy and see if we can get him more minutes. Portland needs more production now, not next week. Game 3 in tomorrow and if we do not get better bench play we will lose this series fast. Can Roy spark this team still from the position he is at coming off the bench? I think he can, I think we could use him in 2 slot with Miller in the game alongside him. Some pick and roll with L.M.A, some post up against the smaller two guards on the Mavericks. This is all stuff we all know, but can Roy do what he has done in his career and be the number one option right now in the playoffs. Its a joke, we know he is not its L.M.A, hes the number one and Roy needs to play off him.
    Its hard to talk about my favorite player like he is yesterdays news, I miss the dominant player that made me jump up off my couch when hit a game winning shot or a spectacular spin move into the heart of the opponents defense. Maybe we all forgot what he has done for this team, but now is not the time. Roy needs to have a spark in him coming off the bench and get his teammates open looks and show some confidence in himself and his game. Portland fans love the blazers and always stand by hind them no matter what and I will do the same.
                                                       PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS
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