Apr 20

Game 2 Takes

By blazerdarren77
  After finally simmering down from game 2's loss, here are my likes and dislikes from the game:

  I liked that other guys were able to bounce back after their no shows from game 1. Gerald Wallace was solid with 18 points and 7 boards. Wesley Matthews contributed with 13 points. We need those guys to keep those type of games going in order for them to get back in the series.

  I like that Nicolas Batum kept his bench production up. He had 10 points, but Rudy had the other point for the bench.

  Speaking of the bench where were they? Rudy makes only 1 free throw for his only point of the night, Brandon misses two free throws (he did not look right when he was at the line) Patty has a couple of good lay-up chances and misses them both while Armon Jonson plays maybe 2 seconds to end the half and comes up with a rebound. These guys NEED step it up.

  Along the thoughts of free throws, they could not make a free throw to save their life. Portland is one of the better free throw shooting teams in the league, and yet they were 18-27 in game 2. That hurt.

  Finally, they need to take care of the ball. Now 13 turnovers aren't too bad, especially a playoff game off the road, but they were costly ones. At the end of the 3rd, they have a chance to take the lead going into the final quarter, but Patty turns it over, end of period. Then in the 4th, with them having the ball first, Crash throws the ball away. When the opportunity to swing the momentum in your favor is there, you GOT to capitalize on it.

  So that's game 2 in a nutshell. Now game 3 is at the RG. I know the place will be rocking and hopefully the guys can feed off of it and get us a win. GO BLAZERS!!!


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