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Apr 16

Playoff Game #1

By begonza
We were there at the Rose Garden watching the game with the rest of the fans. 

I thought the team would get on a rhythm and pad the game (with a ten point lead), like they used to do in the last few games in the regular season. Somehow that style of padding wasn't there.

Also, I noticed there was something missing right away in the first quarter. This mental jinx seemed to appear and take hold of them in the first. I don't know why they would hang-on to it and then still... wasn't able to shake that off until the third quarter.

Then a streak of light appeared and the Blazers got a lead, I thought they could put more points, pad it and maintain the lead. Somehow, that didn't go down...seemed like the guys who should be in the fourth quarter doing the finishing job were not there.

Things I'd love to see:

1) Set plays around LaMarcus.
2) Use Wallace to break the defense, de-clog it, open it up so others can drive through it. Of course Wallace can crash to the hoop as always.
3) Use Batum and Matthews from the perimeter and also make them attack the ring after a pic.
4) Wallace and Fernandez should contribute in steals too.
5) BRoy should soar in 2nd, 3rd then hand it over to the finishing team in the 4th.
6) Camby should be there when the Bigs are in.
7) Outrun the Bigs and Tower the smalls.

Most of all, I'd love to see a designated closer/finisher, we should see this guy do the job in the fourth quarter. Make him work to close the game.


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