Apr 16

Game 1 Takes

By blazerdarren77
  During the post-season, I'll give a few takes after each game win or lose. I'll let you know what I liked and disliked. So here are my takes of game 1:

  I liked that they had 46 points in the paint, but they should've had more, especially in the 4th. Even after they fell behind after Nowistki's go ahead 3 that put them up for good, the guys still were trying to go to the rim, but the shots didn't fall. Now some of you can blame refs for not calling fouls on our end of the floor (Nate did in a round a bout way in his post game presser) but if they don't go in, foul or no foul, you HAVE to finish.

  Speaking of the refs, how do you explain the disparity of free throw attempts in the 4th quarter? 19 attempts from Dallas to Portland's 2? Are you kidding? If it's going to be like this, I got a solution for the guys; make the fouls obvious. FOUL THEM HARD! Bruise them big time. Be extremely physical with them. Dallas has a reputation of being a soft team, so if you knock them around, they'll back down. Even if that means the Blazers lose the 1st 2 games, it will be worth it. Once the series goes back to Rip City, all bets are off. We'll even the series and when game 5 goes back to "Soft" D, the Blazers will be ready to strike hard, win the game, go back to Portland, and put the Mavericks out of their misery.

  Finally, quit trying to shoot the 3 ball! The Blazers are NOT a 3 point shooting team. They never have been the whole season. Sure, they've had a few games where their 3 goggles showed up, but they have died more by the 3 than they have lived by it. They were 21st in  3 point percentage for the season, the worst among the playoff teams. It showed in game 1 when they went 2 for 16. Had they shot their average, they'd probably win. But in the playoffs, shooting percentages go down as the final scores indicate from the other games.

  So that's how I see Game 1. Hopefully I can give better takes from Game 2. Time to regroup and get them next game. GO BLAZERS!!!


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