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Playoff Picture: April 13th

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Portland clinched the sixth seed with their victory in the Rose Garden last night.

With the Trail Blazers locked into position the question becomes who do we face in the first round?

These are the scenarios for third place in the Western Conference (the Trail Blazers' first round opponent):

The Mavs end in third place if:
 - L.A. beats Sacramento tomorrow AND Dallas beats New Orleans
 - Oklahoma City loses to Milwaukee

The Lakers end in third place if:
 - L.A. loses to Sacramento AND Dallas beats New Orleans

The Thunder end in third place if:

 - Dallas loses to New Orleans AND Oklahoma City beast Milwaukee

I asked some of the guys who they want to see in the first round, but only Nicolas Batum and Patty Mills gave me a "real answer."

Who do you want to face? You can sign me up for the Mavs.

Last night's scores and effects:

The  Portland Trail Blazers downed the  Memphis Grizzlies 102-89 in Portland. The Trail Blazers clinched 6th place in the Western Conference. They’ll be facing the 3rd place team in first round. That team will be decided by games played tonight. (See scenarios above.)

The  L.A. Lakers defeated the  San Antonio Spurs 102-93 in Los Angeles. The Lakers regained control of 2nd place in the West. They're tied with Dallas and win the tiebreaker as a division winner.

Today’s games with Western Conference playoff teams:

 New Orleans Hornets (46-35) vs.  Dallas Mavericks (56-25) Dallas is the deciding factor in many seeding scenarios. They’re in 3rd right now. They’ll take 2nd place if they beat New Orleans and the Lakers lose. They’ll fall to 4th if they lose and Oklahoma City wins.

 Milwaukee Bucks (34-47) vs.  Oklahoma City Thunder (55-26)
The Thunder currently sit in 4th in the West. A loss tonight will guarantee them that spot for the playoffs. A win paired with a Dallas loss will bump them up to 3rd to face the Trail Blazers in the first round.

 Denver Nuggets (50-31) vs.  Utah Jazz (38-43)
This is a throw away game for Denver. They’re locked into 5th place in the Western Conference.

 Portland Trail Blazers (48-33) vs.  Golden State Warriors (35-46) Portland locked into 6th place last night. The outcome of this matchup won’t change the standings for the Trail Blazers.

 Memphis Grizzlies (46-35) vs.  L.A. Clippers (31-50) The Grizzlies sit in 8th in the West. A loss tonight will keep them there. A win paired with a New Orleans loss will bump them up to 7th.

 San Antonio Spurs (61-20) vs.  Phoenix Suns (39-42)
San Antonio is locked into 1st place in the Western Conference. They’re tied with Chicago for the overall first seed, and what could be home court advantage if they meet in the finals. It’ll be interesting to see if they fight for positioning or rest guys like they did last night.

 L.A. Lakers (56-25) vs.  Sacramento Kings (24-57) The Lakers clinch 2nd place with a win tonight or a Dallas loss. They’ll move into 3rd if they lose and Dallas wins.

Here are the playoff match-ups as of today:

(Tables courtesy of


  1. So, if all three teams wins then the picture stays the same and we play Dallas, Right? If Mavs lose then OKC also has to lose for the Mavs to be in 3rd. Right?
    If the lakers win it will be either Mavs or OKC. Right?
    If Lakers win and Mavs wins It will stay the same regardless of what OKC does. Right?

    If it wasn't for the last game of the season with not knowing what all the teams are thinking about. I would say all three teams will win which would mean NOH would lose which would mean that Memphis would really have to tank to make sure they stay in eighth.

    Thank you for the update, I am just going to work and read it all when I get home.

    by Hg on 4/13/2011 12:18 PM
  2. Hg: yeah, that's pretty much it. if all the teams win or they all lose then we have dallas. new orleans isn't playing well right now so i think dallas will win, which meanswe need l.a. to win as well. that is, of course, if you want, us to play dallas in the first round.

    by Kassandra on 4/13/2011 12:28 PM
  3. Kassandra: I was just talking about you behind your back on MB's new blog LOL. Do I have to root for LAL to win if I want the Mavs. I am beginning to believe the Lakers might be the best team to play.

    by Hg on 4/13/2011 12:55 PM
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