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Apr 12


By NickinPdx
The Blazers have made it to the playoffs and are in the 6th seed. Locked in but still waiting to see who there opponent is. The playoff break down can go several ways and it will be done from many different perspectives. Lets just take a second here and reflect on this whole year and what a year it has been.
         First wrap this around your brain, can you think of at least two games we let slip away this year. I can easily. The Blazers are at 48 wins as I write this they have a chance to get to 49 wins for the year. Pretty remarkable for all that has happen this year and this is a  team that definitely sticks together and plays for each other. Now lets play the game WHAT IF. 1. Those two that we let slip away what if we won them, we would be at 50 wins for the third straight year. What accomplishment that would have been. 2. What if Greg Oden came back after the all-star break and was now playing 20min a game. Would you feel better about the center position, I would. 3. Last but not least What if B-Roy made her 4th straight All-star appearance and the L.M.A joined him. What if, is a fun game to play with this team but we have won 48 games and L.M.A is an All-Star (david stern is a joke) and maybe Greg will come back next season looking to prove something.(that is if we re-sign him). So for as long as this season has been it has been a very fun season because of the Organization that we have here in Portland.
          For all the adversity this team has gone thru this year I cant say enough about the players we have, the Coaching staff that is in place and the owner ship that is Paul Allen. We would be no where without him and his willing attitude to spend money and make key trades. The trade to bring in Wallace was probably the best trade I have seen Portland make in 10yrs, and that's because are Owner is willing to take on the extra money.
           So with all that, without the above said help where would this team have been. If you think about it we could of easily wrote this season off and tanked it when Roy went down and won 30 games, missed the playoffs and tucked are tail between are legs. This team has a attitude and togetherness that would never let that happen, even if we were losing games Nate would have them playing there tails off. The glue of this team is pretty amazing and it has been that way for about 4yrs now, something you don't see that often.(as blazers fans we know all to well) Now we enter the playoffs with high hopes again this year, so sit back enjoy playoff basketball and lets see what happens.
                                           PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS
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  1. Great stuff..... ROLL ON BLAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    by mbmurr1 on 4/13/2011 9:27 AM
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