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Rachael Jensen

Apr 12

Time to Clinch!

By Rachael Jensen
So we all hear the Blazer's commercials with Brandon Roy emphasizing that the time is NOW. I would agree but only that NOW is the time to CLINCH! The Sixth seed that is. I am just getting ready to head out the door and head down to the RG for tonight's game and all I can think about is how important this game is. Lets not leave it to the last game! Lets not hope another team loses their game. The time is now to secure our spot, claim what is ours, and dictate our destiny!!!! The time is NOW!!!!  READY TO MAKE THE ROSE GARDEN RAUCOUS!!

 Lets Go Blazers!!! Rip City!!!!


  1. I just betted this day to our team. It was a great win, I didnt sat out our star players so that we can surely win. I desperately need the money, not as the portland coach but as a human. It was a great advantage for me that zach and tony have not played. Even though at late fourth, our team is leading by a large margin, I have not let our star players sit and rest because I wanted to make sure that I will win the ODDS. I dont care even though the players become tired, I just wanted the money. That's me, my name is greedy, and my last name is mcmillan. Expect that next game I will let all our star players rest, and so I will bet on our opponent. I will make sure that the team will struggle and maybe lose the game. It doesnt matter, it is a no bearing game, and this how gambling works. I dont care about the team, the fans and even about the honor of being a coach, IT IS ABOUT THE DAMN MONEY! GET IT? so bet on the ooponent next game, if you want to win ok? I am not that greedy, but name is greedy mcmillan, signing out. TNX!

    by greedy mcmillan on 4/12/2011 9:08 PM
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