Apr 11

Jungle Karma

By blazerdarren77
  On March 31, Gerald Wallace was on the Jim Rome Show on 95.5 The Game in the Portland area. Today, LaMarcus Aldridge was on Rome's television show on ESPN's Jim Rome is Burning. Call me crazy, but good things usually happen when athletes or coaches accept to do an interview with Rome, whether it's on radio or TV.
   Now you can like Rome or hate him, but one thing's for sure; the jungle karma works for either the player or, more importantly, the team. Don't believe me? Look how the team and Crash did after he did the interview; April 1- 13points and the Blazers beat the Thunder 98-91. Feb 25, Nate McMillan was on his radio show. That night, Blazers over Nuggets 107-106 (the game that Roy hit the game tying 3 to force OT plus the lucky fan who hit the half court shot to win a truck) Nov. 5, 2010 Brandon Roy is on. The next night he scores 26 points and the Blazers beat the Raptors 97-84.
  In the past Portland has always been a good supporter of the Jungle and when given an opportunity to do an interview with the King of Smack, the guys come through because they know how important the jungle karma is to them and the team. We can thank the Blazers' Public Relations personnel for getting these guys on. Keep up the good work!


  1. I like Rome's show..... A lot of information even though it is usually one sided. LA had a great interview, as did Gerald. ROLL ON BLAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by mbmurr1 on 4/12/2011 7:09 AM
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