Apr 09

Let the Chips Fall Where They Fall

By blazerdarren77
  Two things we know about the Western Conference playoff picture. #1) We know who all clinched a playoff berth. #2) The San Antonio Spurs are the #1 seed in the Western Conference. The rest of the seedings still remain to be seen and only two or three games remain for them. The battle for #2 is between LA (55-24) Dallas (54-25) and OKC (53-26). The battle for #5 is between Denver (49-31) Portland (47-39) and New Orleans (46-33). The best Memphis (45-34) can do is move up to the #6 seed. So much jockeying, so few games.
  This is why each remaining game is important for everyone. Let the games play out and whatever happens, will happen. Should be an interesting year for the playoffs. Just look how the NCAA tournament played out.


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