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Apr 08

Elliot & Dale's Reading Time Out

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Elliot Williams and Trail Blazers alumni ambassador Dale Schlueter stopped by Albina Head Start’s Traci Rose Center  for a Reading Timeout this week. Elliot and Dale were there as part of the Trail Blazers  Read to Achieve program sponsored by IHOP and Fred Meyer. The two visitors entered the classroom just after the kids returned from a late morning recess. The kids, who were sitting in a neat circle on the "story carpet", welcomed the guests and invited them to sit with them. Elliot, wearing a hat appropriate to the setting and the reading material, quickly got to business of reading Dr. Seuss's Oh the Places You'll Go after a quick round of introductions. As the story progressed, Dale engaged the children, discussing among other things, sky diving, scary streets and playing hoops on a mountain.

After finishing to book, Elliot explained, in great detail, how cool college was and how much he likes reading. Elliot and Dale then presented a bag a books to the classroom and a basketball autographed by the 2010-11 Trail Blazers. As the ball presentation proceeded, the teachers began setting tables with cookies and juice for the students. Elliot and Dale toured the center, visiting the students as they gobbled the treats. It was unclear whether the tall duo partook of any treats, though both were spotted wiping crumbs of their shirts.

This special visit concluded a series of Trail Blazers Reading Month events at schools and youth organizations. The Trail Blazers staff, players, and alumni spanned out to share their love of reading with young minds across the Portland Metro area. Visit to learn more about this and other Trail Blazers community efforts.

Albina Head Start is a non-profit agency that provides preschool opportunities for children up to the age of five years old. For more information about Albina Head Start and its programs, visit

(By: Ian Jaquiss)


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