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Apr 07

World Select Team Practice: Day 4

By ShalamarClark Posted in: Blazers, Blazers
The World Select Team held its fifth practice at the Trail Blazers’ Practice Facility Thursday morning.

The team has only one more rehearsal on Friday before taking the big stage at the Rose Garden Saturday at 7 PM, where Team USA will look for a victory for the second straight year.

Participants on the World Select Team endured a light shootaround followed by live five-on-five scrimmages. Scouts and media personnel lined the gym and watched as the international players, who will join forces in two days, got a chance to go up against each other.

But it wasn't your average scrimmage. 

They went at it like they were playing an actual game, which meant there were a few bumps and bruises. Guo Ailun, the 6-foot-4, 180-pound guard from China, had his back examined by a trainer after practice. He drove through the open lane, but was fouled on his way up to the rim and landed on his back.

Check out pictures and videos below from Thursday’s practice:


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