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Apr 07

Boys, Girls and Trees Flourish During NBA Green Week

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Sustainability. To supply with food, drink and other necessities of life.

On a cold and rainy day during Spring Break Portland Trail Blazer Marcus Camby, Christenson Electric, the Boys & Girls Club and Friends With Trees joined together to contribute to world sustainability during NBA Green Week. The group met at Lents Park in southeast Portland to replant trees that had been removed many years earlier to build the I-205 freeway.

The goal of the NBA Green Week project was to teach local youth and engage local businesses in an activity that will benefit the community for countless years to come.

“I think NBA Green Week is a great week,” said Camby. “It gives us a teaching point, it gives us the education to teach a younger generation about the environment, about how planting trees or grass or anything that can draw more life and more breathability to the world and how it can effect us in the long term.”

NBA Green Week is the time during the regular season dedicated to spreading the message of the vital importance of green practices. Involving community leaders in the drive to educate local youth spreads the messages to the corporate world as well.

Mark Walter of Christenson Electric called his company to action to contribute. “We got involved in this project through the Trail Blazers, primarily because of our involvement with the community and then also the fact that they were going to get the kids involved. And that’s what we do this for, it’s for the kids,” said Walter. “Getting kids to learn and understand how the environment is affected by everything we do.”

Camby took his belief in the importance cause a step further by bringing his daughter to help. They took time out of her spring break to demonstrate the importance of small acts. Like planting a tree. Both grabbed shovels in the chilly wetness to do their part.

“This isn’t my first time using a shovel to plant trees. We have a lot of trees back home,” said Camby of his tree planting prowess. “As you can see my daughter was helping out a lot. Anytime I can come out here and experience a great experience like this and bring my daughter along, she had a great time, we both did.”

Marcus’ favorite part of the gathering was the involvement with the local youth. “It’s great that we had a lot of kids from the Boys & Girls Club out here helping out also and they were into it,” he said. “Usually when you get events like this they prolly say ‘it’s cold, it’s raining,’ but everyone was enthusiastic and it was a great time by all.”

Sustainability. Lesson learned with a smile.

(By: Sarah Hecht)


  1. Great work Marcus and everyone else involved! The more trees we plant the better. Hey, it's not like we don't have enough water supply to keep them growing!

    by DHawes22 on 4/7/2011 12:32 PM
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