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Apr 29

Batum is key to defense

By geewillie33
Ok I just want to throw this out there before the game tonight. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but when Batum is on the floor he really disrupts the flow of Houstons offense. The Rockets offense will only work if they move well without the ball and get open shots. Batum really screws that up for them. He plays the passing lanes so well and he's so long that it creates confusion for them. I don't if anyone has this capability, but I'd be really curious to see what Houstons shooting percentage is with Batum on the floor, and what it is while he's on the bench. Cause it seems to me that when he sits down, they start making shots. Nate should start Aldridge at center to free up our offense. He should play Batum alot of minutes to jam up there offense. Batum can make an open shot. That's the difference between him and outlaw. Batum only shoots when he's open (unless it's late in the clock) and he doesn't need alot of touches like Travis.
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