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Nike Hoop Summit: Yesterday's Participants, Today's NBA Stars

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The Nike Hoop Summit is a big deal. Top talent from the United States and the World compete against one another in a game watched by countless NBA scouts and GMs.

It’s the first experience most of the athletes have as national talent. It also serves a sneak-peek into a possible career choice.

Portland Trail Blazer Patty Mills raved about the Nike Hoop Summit and it’s benefits to young players. “It definitely gives you the exposure and in a way a little insight to being a professional player,” he said.

The list of high-profile NBA stars who represented in the Hoop Summit games is extensive. Here are just a few: Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, Rudy Gay, Jermaine O’Neal, Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker, Nicolas Batum, Serge Ibaka, Monta Ellis, Patty Mills, Kevin Love, Baron Davis and DeMar DeRozan.

Do you recognize those names? Of course you do. They all have successful NBA careers, and they all played in the Nike Hoop Summit.

Portland’s own Nicolas Batum and Patty Mills praise the time they spent representing the World as an incredible experience.

For Patty Mills the Nike Hoop Summit was his jump into international play. “It was my first international experience. Experiencing a different style of play, thrown in there with all kinds of people around the world and trying to come into one team in a week,” said Mills.

As trying as it may have been, his first step onto the international stage paid great dividends. Mills is a leader on the Australian National Team, representing at the Olympics and World Championships, and a successful player in the NBA. The Trail Blazers have rendered his services on countless occasions.

Batum takes a more business-like approach to the Hoop Summit opportunity. He knows NBA scouts use the event as a chance to watch the elite high school players compete against other top talent. “For me it was huge,” said Batum. “It was huge because now the scout NBA team can see you in the American contest against American guys.”

Don’t be confused, it wasn’t all work and no play for Batum. The week he spent as a participant in the Hoop Summit was unforgettable for a variety of reasons, including his first visit to an NBA arena.

He recollects the event like it was only yesterday. “It was a big experience. Great experience for me,” said Batum. “Was four years ago, 2007, Memphis. It was great to spend one week with couple guys from different countries, speak different language, different culture.”

He continued, “So that’s great to learn from other guys and then when you play the game after one week of practicing, that’s pretty great for my first game in a NBA arena.”

High-praise for the Nike Hoop Summit from Portland and I’m sure other past participants share their sentiments.

Up previously: The World Select Team and Team USA

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  1. Last year was good. You could tell who was legit and who needed a lot of work. I saw Jarred Sullinger from Ohio State, Brandon Knight from Kentucky, Harrison Barnes from UNC & Kyrie Irving from Duke and they all stood above the rest. Also, maybe the best player, Enes Kanter, a likely lottery pick helped lead the World to a W. So if you're a draft junkie like myself and want to get a head start on the 2012 draft class, check out the Hoop Summit.

    by DHawes22 on 4/6/2011 10:54 AM
  2. I was there last year also (with DHawes). It's a great time. Terrance Jones had a good game too in addition to the ones mentioned already. Wish I could go this year.

    by FifeToKeenan on 4/6/2011 12:12 PM
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