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Apr 01

Greetings Trail Blazers Fans, welcome to my first ever blog. EVER! Criticism is always welcome and help feed the writers mind so feel free to leave any nice or horrible comment you would like.

Seven is our number. With seven games to go, we have seven things to look at. What are those seven things exactly? They're the seven other teams we are battling out for the end results of the season. Each team has the opportunity to make there final exclamation mark around the western conference. Meaning each team currently playing for a playoff spot  in current rankings, will face one or multiple teams in the seeding race in there last games of regular season. 

Current rankings are:
1 Spurs
2 Lakers
3 Mavericks
4 Thunder
5 Nuggets
6 Hornets
7 Blazers
8 Grizzlies 

Out of these seven teams two really stands out to me, and thats the Denver Nuggets and the Oklahoma City Thunder.
Why these two stand out is uncertain. Maybe its still the Melo drama, Maybe its because one team was ranked both 2nd in offense and in defense in the month of March (Nuggets). Maybe it's that the Thunder have the sec best record from All-Star break, losing only two games. Or perhaps it's even that both of them seem to have an extra oxygen tank fixed into the speedy offense for a sec breath. Who knows what's going on in these cities, but i do know one thing for sure, they have not cooled off yet.  But thats not to say they wont. 

Looking at there final games they have only three remaining home games each. Those home games are Thunder, T-woles, and golden state for the Nuggets, and Clippers, Nuggets Bucks. Two of those game should come easy for  each team but if one team losses both match ups look out for a free fall i feel in seeding. More so with Denver as the Thunder as of now have a 5 game pillow between them. But pillows don't last long in the NBA, and if you go on a losing streak this time of year. you might want to kiss showing any real life in the playoffs goodbye.


  1. The race is close...... ROLL ON BLAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by mbmurr1 on 4/3/2011 8:53 AM
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