Mar 30

It was tough game to watch tonight, losing to the Hornets for 12 minutes after beating them for 36. But the worst part is band wagoners. And by band wagoners I mean people who take sentiment and make it about themselves
Following the game was talkin ball. There is nothing that is more frustrating to me than hearing someone talking smack on a team that lost, as if they could have coached or played better. First off, I am probably more tired of hearing about LA being tired, then he is actually tired. I don't doubt that he was fatigued. It makes sense for him to be after all the work he is putting in. You could say he could do this, or he could day that during his free time. Spending his off days sleeping with his feetĀ elevated. If I was him, and I was with my family, I wouldn't be thinking about myself either. (I'm referring to his tweet about watching cartoons with his soon.) He is a regular guy that is doing amazing work in the most competitive basketball league in the world. No on is in aposition to tell him how to spend his off time. Its not like we are dealing with the Darius Miles here or Quintell Woods.
The point is, we lost. And there is no one person to blame, specially LA. The team didn't step up and the team loss. Its hard to take with the implications this game had, but I hope that with game we learn a little bit more and we move on.
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