Apr 28

Thank you Gentlemen!

By FROGINATOR! Posted in: Blazers
   Thank you for making my Son and I's first attended Blazer game ever, a good one!  

   Brandon, go eat your soup!  Get better, stay warm, rest, get a Light massage, and come into game six with fire in your eyes, and spread it to your mates.  

   G man, you spun those two puppies in like a PRO baby, way to go!!!

   LA, mister NO FEAR tonight!  That was the bomb sir!

   Rebel, you are doing perfect still, you continue to not allow yourself to be denied!  Sweet!  T.O.

   TEAM, was that some phenomenal BOARD CRUSHING & PAINT POUNDING I saw tonight!!!???!!!  Well, yes it was, and guess what?  The end result is exactly what will happen EVERYTIME you bring the fight to your opponent.     

   Something I think we should begin is a 4th quarter rally signal, such as; 4 fingers in the air after 4 minutes into the 4th quarter.  It would be great to see a huge surge of power with eight minutes left in any game and just steam roll through anything & everything for all 8 minutes!  Because you never know when they might be the last 8 minutes of an Outstanding season (Like the fourth win over an Eastern Conf. Champ).

   I only have one regret tonight, that would be Artest missing MY MMA muscle flex during the fourth quarter!

Thanks again immensely "FELLAS"!!!

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