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Mar 30

the city within a city called the rose garden

By oregongal47 view (TG)
I have been tossing around in my head for the last few days this idea for a blog about how different the fans are within the rose garden based on where your sitting...How do I know this?  Well I have had the priviledge of sitting in quite a few sections this season 300 level most of the time, 200 level and most recent the 100 level.  This is not going to be a put down on anyone just my own observations and my opinion only...

The first thing you will notice about the rg is that from the outside of the building it looks like a giant potato chip or at least it does to me but dont the outside look deceive you.  This building is round so if you get lost you just keep walking you will find yourself back where you started or you take a wrong entrance in you might have to walk further but that is ok we can all use some extra exercise lol.

The second thing about the rose garden is all the places and things you can do inside this place. Lets see on all levels is many restraunts and bars, snack bars, there is a little basketball court on the lower level, the fan shop, there is a place to get free tattoos or face paint,etc.  The second level is the club level for the season ticket holders not sure what is up there but im guessing it is some nice food and drinks up there.  third level is more snack bars, places to eat and other activities I have been to six games and I have yet to see everything in the rg.  It is truly a small little city within a city.  

Now on to the fans...where do I start?  where else but in the nba can you attract quite a cross section of people that represent our city.  You have those who mid class, lower mid class, working class, the rich and famous, you have all different kinds of ethnic groups all in one place with one common goal to rally on and cheer for the trailblazers.  It takes away those barriers for the most part as we are there for a common goal to support our home town team the Portland Trail Blazers!

The fans in the 300 level how do I say this without sounding like a put down to other people at the game...we are what I call the real fans we can barely afford to go but we love this team that this our form of entertainment that we choose to put our money in to.  The fans up there are rowdy,funny, loud and really into the team.  A lot of us use binoculars, we sport our jerseys proudly as we know we wont be seen on tv or by the players.  we are usually the first ones to get hollering going and really get stoked.  The view from up in the 300 level is great you can see everything and you dont have to worry about someone sitting in front of blocking your view as your slanted and this level has helped me conquer my fear of heights.  Im getting more comfy up there every game.  lol I remembe these young girls (20's tops) who were sitting behind me at the new orleans game they were loud and they were talking about players swooning over them and they were truly proud to be there and having the time of their life.  yes you see a few women up there who are drug with their husbands or boyfriends not into the game. just sitting there doing nothing i mean nada.  I call them  the manequin fans....you might as well have stayed at home I mean what is the point of going to a game if your not going to get into it.  There is always no matter where you sit in section 300 some really loud fan hollering all game or some female shreiking and your hearing is about gone from hearing them you forgive them because you know they are here for the team and cheering them on.

section 200 I sat there once so this my only observation.  They are a notch above the lower bowl ticket holders but they are sort of the mid level fan.  a bit more demure then 300 level.  section 200 was my first game I went to and I went with Madam O who nearly got us thrown out of the rg.  It started with these two teen boys coming and going all first half and then decided to show up for one final time two boxes of pizza each and a bunch of fan stuff and it was like 30 seconds to go on a close game and they realized someone was sitting in their seats did they wait til halftime to sort it out nope they were blocking our view and everyone elses and refused to go sit down in some empty seats. so my freind took matters in her own hands i wont tell you what she did but I did not see it but anyhow long story short security was called we got it sorted it and all was well.  Most of the fans there are a bit more reserved and how do I say it acting more to be seen then there to be there for the team.  You see some of them hollering and getting into it and rocking it but it is like you feel funny if you want to dance and cheer and just have fun.  not knocking anyone this is my observations. this is what truly makes the rg so great it is a great place to people watch...where else do you find such unqiue fans?  there are those in section 200  at the end of each basket with these noise makers called thunder sticks and they use them for the opposing team to distract them from making free throws fun to see...you will see people on every level with face paint on or some crazy thing they are doing...

you thought I would forget about section 100...where do I start on this.  This is where the fans are really more different.  It is more of a refined fan the fan that is there to be seeen and does do some hollering but not much.  I was sitting next to two ladies no they were not there with dates but they were sitting there not cheering, not clapping, they had zero fan gear on and they were just sitting there they were defintely a manequin fan or a crash dummy fan. I thought to myself why did you go to the game if your not into this team?  why are you there?  Here me and my freind we were the direct polar opposite we were in fan gear, we were hollering we were cheering ...I don't get it.  were they there just to be seen? did someone give them tix and they were there to fill seats?  the fans in section 100 they are more demure but still great fans and they do holler and get into it when they have to but they are there more to be seen and you can see the division in economic class.  I am not putting anyone down here just stating what I have oberved.  I had fun down there but felt out of place at times am I acting up too much but I did notice this when I would get to hollering or get enthusiastic it would rally the section and area to get more vocal so maybe they do need more new blood to instill life in the fans who have been going for yrs.  I love all trail blazer fans and find the rg very entertaining and fun to watch...and how we all manage to get along considering we all come from so many different backgrounds is truly amazing.  this is what we call the nba what other pro sport does this?  not many...

I am proud to be a blazer fan and suppor this team!  Rip city all the way!



  1. Wow Teresa! I could never agree more. I too have been in all 3 sections and what you describe is SOOOO true. I got another level for you; the suite level fans. To me, it was a combination of all 3 levels. You had your vocal fan, your demure fan, your manequin fan and your obligated to be there fan. I too haven't been on the club level either but I sure would like to experience it just to find out what kind of fans are in there.

    by blazerdarren77 on 3/30/2011 10:25 PM
  2. ty for taking the time to read this. i was hoping I would not make anyone mad but im just stating what I have observed. I think blazerfans are the best in the nba and I love going to the games in the rg...the suite experience would be interesting. not sure how you could end up in those but that would be a hoot. if I ever end up in one you know I will blog about it. ty for reading this and responding...lets get a win over okc tomorrow night!

    by oregongal47 view (TG) on 3/31/2011 10:09 PM
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