Mar 29

I've been a blazer fan my whole life. The first birthday gift I remember asking for was a Cliff Robinson head band when I was turning four.  
Every since then the Blazers have always been icons to me. I remember seeing Clyde down on waterfront dunking on 12 foot hoops while Dwight Howard was probably still in diapers. They were always amazing, and so far above me or my friends, they were more like movie stars. Excluding the rough times with which I admittedly was not the best fan during, I always had the Blazers on that pedestal. 
Maybe its the new age, or new technology, but its different now. And I like to think that it's our players; Patty, Nico, Wesley, Rudy, and everyone else that in constantly sociable and interactive. They have made the distance between the Blazers and fans little more then a tweet away. 
I am now personally invested in this team now that I feel like I know these guys. Obviously I don't have any delusions that they know who I am because of a comment I left them three months ago, or because I will probably know what they are eating for dinner tonight because they will tweet it, and I'll get that on my cell phone ten seconds later. The blazers are now a part of my day everyday. Up and Adam, Chalk talk. 
 I don't just see them play basketball, I read and hear about them like the rest of my friends on facebook or twitter. And that makes me invested in them, just as it does my friends. I want them to win not only because I love Portland, but because if they don't, I know I will get an update from them with some sort of unhappy message, and no one wants to see their friends being upset. This is a new team, and its awesome.

 Patrick Mills 
Ur name is written all over the glass. Dominate the boards like u always do Uncle Cam! You the man!! @
 Patrick Mills 
@ Bala... Your the best shooter I know so keep shooting. But keep driving and making plays too. Energy tonight
 Patrick Mills 
@ you always play hard bro. Keep it up! Ball pressure every time remember. They hate it. And let it fly... From 3! Let's get 
 Patrick Mills 
@ just be your awesome self big bro. That's all
 Patrick Mills 
@ ur gonna let nobody drive past u tonight batman. LOCKDOWN! U have been shooting the ball great too, Keep it up!

Now that is a good teammate and someone you want to cheer for.

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  1. go blazers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by mbmurr1 on 3/30/2011 8:11 AM
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