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Apr 28

Game SIX

By TigerDeuce12
The Trailblazers stepped up to the plate and made so much noise in Portland, I heard the roar all the way in Chicago. I want to give props to number 12 for standing tall tonight. I felt that if this team were going to win this series, the big men would have to unload on the Rockets. Now, the ultimate test is to go to the Toyota Center and grab this game. I know I will be going nuts on Thursday because Da BULLS and the TRAILBLAZERS are playing in elimination games. We are going nuts here in Chicago for Da BULLS; and I will be full of Red Bull to cheer on the TRAILBLAZERS  towards forcing a game SEVEN. I challenge all you fans in the Rose City to create a sound that could be heard in Houston for this team. Let's do it Portland, Go BLAZERS!!!!
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  1. Nice TD12, we are working on exactly that as we speak, Go "B's"!

    by FROGINATOR! on 4/29/2009 1:10 AM
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